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  1. Schwarz_freak

    Demon lift hill

    There are also hight, angle and the scale of the invertions that also make it do that on Rct2.
  2. Schwarz_freak

    The great debate, which is your favourite console?

    It's called creativity, plain and simple creativity.
  3. Schwarz_freak

    The great debate, which is your favourite console?

    Ps2 has a wide variety of games. The x-box is like every other microsoft product it has faults.I don't like game cube due to it dos'nt have as many games.
  4. Schwarz_freak


    I've played It at school, before they took them off the computers.
  5. Schwarz_freak

    Demon lift hill

    Yay his back. Is that a good thing.
  6. Schwarz_freak

    Demon lift hill

    He says he dosn't come back because he dosn't like richard.
  7. Schwarz_freak

    Demon lift hill

    Sorry I've been spending to much time with newzealander.
  8. Schwarz_freak

    Diablo 2

    Dose any one play diablo 2 lod.If any one dose we could make a clan on
  9. Schwarz_freak

    Demon lift hill

    Nah I like the suspence of when your at the chain waiting then you hear hyrdaulics then aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  10. Schwarz_freak

    Amendments to Community Guidelines

    I like these new rules and if you don't like them go to my forums.
  11. Schwarz_freak

    Non Wooden Roller-Coaster

    Was the cyclone originaly have steel supports or did they come in later.
  12. Schwarz_freak

    Rainbow's End Theme Park

    He pullled a joke on Richard our great and powerfull leader.
  13. Schwarz_freak

    Rainbow's End Theme Park

    Your the second newzealander to join this month I hope you have more success then the last.
  14. There could be because the market is open all we need is a big company to spend some money and expect to only get a little back.
  15. Schwarz_freak

    No capacity issues at Dreamworld?

    I think Dreamworld uses it's slow timeing to get people to come back the next day and finish going on the rides.