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  1. There are also hight, angle and the scale of the invertions that also make it do that on Rct2.
  2. It's called creativity, plain and simple creativity.
  3. Ps2 has a wide variety of games. The x-box is like every other microsoft product it has faults.I don't like game cube due to it dos'nt have as many games.
  4. I've played It at school, before they took them off the computers.
  5. Yay his back. Is that a good thing.
  6. He says he dosn't come back because he dosn't like richard.
  7. Sorry I've been spending to much time with newzealander.
  8. Schwarz_freak

    Diablo 2

    Dose any one play diablo 2 lod.If any one dose we could make a clan on battle.net.
  9. Nah I like the suspence of when your at the chain waiting then you hear hyrdaulics then aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  10. I like these new rules and if you don't like them go to my forums.
  11. Was the cyclone originaly have steel supports or did they come in later.
  12. He pullled a joke on Richard our great and powerfull leader.
  13. Your the second newzealander to join this month I hope you have more success then the last.
  14. There could be because the market is open all we need is a big company to spend some money and expect to only get a little back.
  15. I think Dreamworld uses it's slow timeing to get people to come back the next day and finish going on the rides.
  16. Because There is no room in Sydney and the land is heaps expensive and queensland dose blood queensland. Go the Blues for when origin season comes.
  17. There is a ride like gs that dose do a full 360 dut I can't think of the design i'll look in to it.
  18. I don't know if this is a safty issue or not but on the ferris wheel they only fill every 2 cars now whats up with that.
  19. 1st.Seen it and all of the rest from coasterimage and his music I rate 6/10. 2nd.Thats a huss GF and where getting a gyro swing. Slightly differnt in size and others. 3rd. Read above^ :cool: .
  20. My two cent. Look here to see that the demon is'nt the only boomerang that has cat walks on it.If they are cat walks how do you get to them when there are no stairs.
  21. Have you checked Dave Burtons site if you haven't the page your looking for is here.
  22. Dose anyone know where the part are being manufactured in Australia or over seas.
  23. Yes it is a SLC and have came up with an idea for the theme of the left part of the park and it a nature themed with lots of trees.
  24. I found a rubber and i'm gona put more detail on the rides and try to theme the area to the left more.
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