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  1. Quite the opposite. Unless that new curve is graded really gently, it’s not going to work. Even the Baldwin would struggle with a full load up and through that curve. Stand at the end of Main Street station and look down to the track approaching Rocky Hollow. It’s very deceptive. That coupled with the fact it will be a tight curve, I’m very interested in seeing how it handles it that’s for sure..
  2. The chain looks to be a safety/ redundancy chain, and it’s mounted on its original mounting. Don’t expect to see it spin again though if this is a permanent fix for it.
  3. This is referring to what’s happening now and not what occurred when the parks closed.
  4. For once a thread didn't go offtrack because of a comment I made. I'm glad Ardent did the right thing and pleaded guilty, the end of this whole horrible situation is near, hopefully we can then move on.
  5. The beauty about Driving School, is that it literally can be picked up and moved elsewhere relatively cheaply. Same goes for whatever is in storage on the other side of the shed. With Driving School, if they get the models and props water and weather proof, it doesn't even need to be inside. It wouldn't take much to build a ride of similar vein to Looney Tunes River Ride, it just requires someone at the park with vision and willing to spend money.
  6. The good thing is the way the drop was designed, you didn’t get wet from the splashdown. There was also a waterfall effect which “threatened” to wet you as you approached the lift. Man, so glad I got to experience this awesome ride, wish it was still around for future generations to enjoy.
  7. Now listed as closing from the 27th, but I understand it has been closed for a few days now.
  8. That’s just your opinion, have a good day.. In all honesty, the fact they have 2 major rides open at Movie World, Sea World with 1 major ride and a WNW with few and far attractions open, it makes you wonder how many of the “all staff who worked with us pre COVID are currently getting all shifts” story that was spun for the media. How true is that? I’ve heard reports of those who were in that category getting shifts cancelled left right and centre... now the media spotlight is not on them...
  9. Thank god our parks are only open for locals who have a pass right now..
  10. Nothing beats Big Red Car...Wave to Wags!
  11. 🤗🤗🤗🤗 So now everyone has that out of their system, should we return to the topic at hand, or not??
  12. In a forum that is supposed to be friendly in nature, an abusive nature is not very nice coming from the admins. Sure say I’m wrong, that’s fine, but there is no need to be so incredibly rude. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect.
  13. Fair point, I retract my statement about the official articles. Still no reason to swear and carry on like you two have.
  14. Geez thanks Joz! Appreciate it! I’m not saying EVERY article was like that, but there was a position over the course of the opening months on these forums and in an official article or two. Which ones? I haven’t got the time to sort through all the articles, and am purely going on mine and others memories.
  15. Whilst I wasn’t there on the day that @CaptainLazerGunswas there, I have indeed experienced multiple people disappointed and upset when visiting, ranging from rides being closed, to the whole virtual Queue concept. On virtual queue; I mean, sure, slots may be filled, but the whole virtual queue system is being touted as the best way to ride to help social distance in the park. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was touted to the government as a reason they could reopen. But in your example @Jordan M., all ride slots were sold or filled by 11:30. That’s not necessarily making the system accessible as a fully fledged alternative to standby or traditional queues. As a result the traditional queues were incredibly long, and with lack of social distancing being followed, it made for an interesting experience. Put yourself in the shoes of Mum and Pop, and kiddies who are visiting the park for the first time, or a once a year kind of trip. If you were there, promised you could virtual queue, only to find by the time you got yourself sorted, the VQ was all filled up, or a ridiculous wait time, you’d be pissed. On top of that, you attempt to ride in the standby queues, and the standby queues would be overflowing, you’d be double pissed. If you arrived at the park, signage out the front advertising no closed rides (the universal way that rides around the world are advertised as being closed), get through the gates only to see multiple big rides closed, you‘d be disappointed. This isn’t one big ride, but multiple headliner attractions. Want to see and get a photo (from a distance) of Tom and Jerry? Pay $20 to experience the Hollywood magic... yeah, ok, you’d be disappointed. Take the kids to ride Junior driving school, and the kids get baited by the flashing lights and soft plush in the claw machines now placed in the queue line for that ride, kids scream, get upset and chuck a tantrum because you don’t want to, you’d be pretty disappointed. These are just some of the personal experiences I have witnessed since Movie World has reopened. I applaud them for reopening, don’t get me wrong, and the operations I’m not going to give comment on as it’s something that will be worked on in due course, however it’s easy from a realists point of view why @CaptainLazerGuns has the view he does. I don’t disagree with him. I walked out of the park wishing I had of gone to Timezone instead as well... Just on a parkz level for a minute, I remember this website was very critical of Dreamworld reopening after the TRR accident closure with a lot of the major rides being closed, and people on here (including the official articles) slaughtering the park. But somehow it’s ok for Movie World to announce the second coming of Jesus, and have 3 major headliner attractions closed..
  16. It’s like stepping straight into a film blue screen sound stage... or is it the blue screen of death?
  17. I’ve been on both, Wipeout was always a better experience for me than the Huss top spin. That’s my personal experience. Like doomsday was an odd choice for Movie World, Vortex in my mind continues the trend of weird choices for a new attraction.
  18. Depends who you ask Richard if it’s a good thing or not. That all said and done, it was just an observation from my personal experience that I thought the community would enjoy
  19. The nature of some of the work I do in the community means I’m constantly coming across videos and photos of the Wipeout among other things. I share these with my daughter. So it isn’t a case of only seeing the wipeout since before it was pulled down, however prior to it being pulled down, she had a fascination for the ride. We might be like that, but have you seen the types of people that visit theme parks?
  20. Joz, in reference to the important animal attractions and them not understanding how important they are, what are you referring to?
  21. So when my daughter (3 years old) and I entered Movie World today, there was a sign advertising Vortex. The first thing she said “hey daddy, it’s the wipeout!” She loved watching the wipeout do it’s thing. But if a 3 year old is seeing it as the wipeout, then there’s no hope for the rest of the gp. I agree with Joz, it’s well presented, but it’s not themed, cinematic or immersive. Heck even world class is a stretch. Tailspin has better theming than it. Sorry but it’s true,
  22. Virtual queue system at the park works in the same vein that fastpass at Disney works. Queues were packed today, and very little social distancing occurred. Was rather worrying.
  23. I’ll raise you one, Total Thrills. Boom, nostalgia’d
  24. Why bother social distancing, no one social distanced when the flu season normally hits, what’s different now?
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