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  1. I’ve said enough as it is, some people will know what I’m referring to. This senseless discussion will probably be deleted anyway, but holy crap, everyone turn it down a dial, for the sake of everyone’s keyboard, please?
  2. Never said it had anything to do with the loans, just pointing out how much of a childish tantrum move it is. Good on them for sticking to their beliefs, just a shame both the CEO and COO have chucked childish tantrums towards the hand that was feeding them. By all means, chuck a tantrum, but don't do it in the way they have without expecting people to comment about how childish it is. Yes QTC is independent, but it is also a government funded organization. Those loans aren't the only thing that has been handed to Village in recent times...
  3. What about the statement that the CEO of the company has “banned” the premier of the state from entering their theme parks? The same premier of a government who has dished out millions of dollars to said business to help build new attractions to entice tourism and keep their gates open? That for one example is what I’d call a childish tantrum.
  4. You are correct Jdude, no one cared about weight or age, it was a case of if you fit you ride like it is universally at many parks around the world. So what spurred these age and weight restrictions when other parks with virtually the same ride don’t have them? Does it mean the other parks are operating in an unsafe manner?
  5. No, im suggesting as the track is in need of major repair, it reportedly as above is still in the same state it was when it was first revealed it had been pulled out of its foundations in locations for work, unless we are waiting on some new pieces of fabricated track, that work can be completed on site. The fact it hasn't been touched in months is very concerning. Very similar feelings to how CorkSeaScrewViper spent its final months standing.
  6. Its not boding well for ole Jet Rescue, hasn't had a status change in a month (has it even operated this year?) a track that is being torn apart by the forces on the coaster, and a new wooden coaster being built makes me wonder if its time may be up sooner rather than later? It is getting on in years as we know..
  7. Maybe they are going to dismantle it and send it to a real theme park as a threat to the Government to get them to open the borders?
  8. Fair point. Thank you for clarifying Joz. Updated question though, who’s to say the guy who posted it (Luke) isn’t the guy who made it? Secondly, If Luke is who I think Luke is, I know he’s a nice guy, and if it is him that made it, hardly a fuckwit.
  9. It’s a good thing I’m not an admin then..
  10. I thought Parkz was friendly, calling members fuckwits is not what I’d call friendly.
  11. Sea World is not what it’s cracked up to be without Jet Rescue.
  12. All this talk of outback and not one mention of a spectacular that is more outback than any of those things!
  13. To be fair, many theme parks have carnival games, heck even Dreamworld has in the past, and so does Village. I don’t see a problem, and I’d be ok if more permanent setups came from this.
  14. The closure date of the Bus Stop matches the Buzzsaw's closure period on the Dreamworld website.
  15. Thanks Slick, beautiful and powerful piece of music.
  16. Looks like a fun event, great to see someone took my idea I posted a while back about using the Sky Voyager building as a projection screen...
  17. But someone said this was the case a few weeks ago, so that wasn’t true?
  18. Joz is right, there were some silly decisions that occured post TRR, however if mistakes have been learnt from the past, then maybe they should be given the benefit of the doubt? This project has commenced under the guidance of the new management structure, the new management structure that felt the brunt of those previous mistakes. I’m sure they are keen to not repeat those mistakes.
  19. And you know that the ride wasn’t checked over before proceeding with work? That’s a very big assumption especially considering this change over/ retheme has been in the works for over 12 months now (IP application for the name Gold Coaster was submitted in September 2019). Steel Coasters aren’t immune from track issues such as steel fatigue, one only has to look at Jet Rescue for a recent example. It’s not uncommon for many steel coasters to get touch ups here and there throughout its life. It’s when those become larger problems that we need to be concerned.
  20. So of the train is on the map for Happy Halloween and listed as attraction number 1, does that mean it will be operating for the event?
  21. I’m not referring to your jokes guys, more the general comments and consensus of those on here who criticise the roughness of this coaster.
  22. If your back breaks or is really affected by Cyclone, then perhaps you should reconsider whether it is a good idea riding. Just saying...
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