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  1. Yes but you where replying to aaronm and he was talking about the cost of it. A pump would not add millions to a job. The fact still remains that building on sand does not increase the cost of footings. You do not come across rock that often you can load on too without having to pier down too it. With sand as you would know the use of piers would only be used to stiffen the sand but not to load. Example. Hope Island has a water table of 1m. If I was to build a house at Hope Island my foundations basically would be a ring beam of 350X450 with a few beams though the middle. If I was building the same place say in Garden City I might have the same foundations but I would have to pier down till I reach the required kpa. If both these dwellings where already built and a client wanted to add a floor to them I would engage an engineer to do a report on the existing footings. I can tell you now from not even looking at the reports from my 20 years in doings this that the Hope Island job report would come back saying nothing is required because sand reaches its maximum kpa straight away. Where with rock and soils the kpa keeps increasing with depth so I would have to increase the foundation to take the extra load. Say sand gives you a factor of 250 straight away where to get this you same amount you have pier down till you reach rock with the same kpa. The worst problem you can have with a coaster would be because of the large area is to have different soil type moving differently. Most of my work is performed on the Gold Coast and no matter how many times I explain it to people after picking up sand in there hands they can not understand how it can be such a great founding material. Water does not change the kpa of sand. If you took it to a lab and did a squash test on it the sand would not fail any earlier. One last thing is in areas that have a large amount of rock you will normally find a underground river sitting on the rock that you have to deal with.
  2. Why Is running a small pump a problem? If you look at the photos the foundations that went in where not large footers by any scale. GL has more issues I think.
  3. I don't agree with this. You don’t know what is there unless you have carried out a soil test. Also it’s an assumption of yours that sand is unstable to build on. Where sand is a very stable material to build on because it is constant and has high load capacity. Soil is more of a problem if it is active like clay can be. I have had many engineers not wanting my work because the soil is too active. Water tables are not a problem.
  4. Pretty shit times for Dreamworld. Dreamworld only putting a small increase, compared to this. Pretty sad watching the slow death of Dreamworld. I could not see any new allocation in spending for any major new attraction in the next financial year...
  5. In the news today. THEME park operator Ardent Leisure has appointed a former Tourism Australia executive to head up its theme park division. Craig Davidson previously was general manager of Destination Development at Tourism Australia. He was responsible for the operation of the Voyages Hotels and Resorts portfolio and Hamilton Island. Mr Davidson replaces Todd Coates as chief executive of Ardent's theme parks division. Ardent said Mr Coates had resigned to pursue other opportunities in Sydney. Mr Davidson will start his new role in late August. The new appointment follows a difficult period for Ardent's theme park division, which includes Dreamworld, the Skypoint Climb and White Water World. While its Goodlife Health Clubs and entertainment centres in the US are booming, revenue and attendance figures have been down at its theme parks. Ardent earlier this year blamed wet weather, increased licensing fees and higher electricity costs for the flatter performance at its parks. Ardent chief executive Greg Shaw said the company was planning to unveil new attractions at its Gold Coast parks. However he said Ardent had concentrated on diversifying its market and had "significantly reduced" its reliance on the theme parks' business. BYE BYE Todd Coates.
  6. You guys crack me up. Where does it say ride?
  7. When I last went to Disneyland LA. My granddad had problems with his legs and after a couple of days walking around he had kankles. We went to guest services to hire a wheelchair. Disneyland gave us a special family front of queue pass so he didnt have to wait in line anymore. I also think the special unload and load area for Space Mountain for the disabled is cool.
  8. On Dreamworld's maintenance page. "Vintage Cars and The Train are closed for maintenance on Weekdays" LOL Quick question, what passes are people getting this year? Personal I’m getting a VIP pass this year. I have not had a Dreamworld pass for 3 years and nothing make me want to go back. Before I stoped going to Dreamworld I had a yearly pass for around 15 years straight.
  9. I think the approval would have lapsed by now. A DA approval I believe only last for 2 years.
  10. Awesome reply www worker. Found it very interesting what you said and the most paramount information you have ever given.
  11. I can't see why it couldn't be added. It is a boat.
  12. To me it was more of a restructure of the company.
  13. I wonder if they are going to sell it. I would think it would be worth something.
  14. I'm not sure why you do not follow. We are talking about Dreamworld here and a bank owns Dreamworld. Banks are renowned for penny pinching. (EXAMPLE: Cutting staff hours by shutting down rides. It would not surprise me if Dreamworld customer service was relocated to India.
  15. It is worked out on the rides Dreamworld has decided to open/close early/late. The rides that will be affected operated 84 hours a day combined before Dreamworld made the changes. The new operating hours is now 58 hours combined per day. This is a reduction of 30.9% per day in operation for the rides mentioned.
  16. From my calculations this is a 30.9% decrease operating time for these rides per day. 30.9% decrease = a minus of 26 hours of operation per day.
  17. This is what happens when a bank own a themepark. Don't forget to add to this - The following rides and attractions will be closed for scheduled maintenance: Dreamworld [*]Vintage Cars is closed until further notice [*]Reef Diver is closed until further notice [*]The Ogre Go Round is closed until further notice [*]Super Tubes Hydro Coaster is closed until further notice
  18. This was from an interview with gold coast news yesterday.
  19. Good news for guest if Village keep spending 15 million a year on new attractions. (Would be nice to see dreamworld put this kind of investment back into it each year) "Village Roadshow theme parks chief executive Tim Fisher said the group's continued reinvestment in its theme parks was a major reason for the standout performance. "For the past five years we have ensured that, in terms of capital investment, at least one park every year will have a significant new product to talk about," he said. He said Village would continue to spend between $10 and $15 million every year on a new attraction"
  20. Plans for $2.5bn motorsport precinct Shannon Willoughby, chief reporter | January 11th, 2013 Silvina Frank and Ron Brown, of i-mett, plan to build a motorsports precinct near Norwell. Inset, a similar attraction, Ferrari World, in Abu Dhabi. Pic: Supplied BOLD plans to build a $2.5 billion super motorsports precinct, including a car-themed amusement park and a race track on sugarcane land at Norwell, are to be lodged with the State Government later this year. Gold Coast developer IMETT is pressing ahead with a proposal to buy up farms at Norwell in the city's north to make way for an "international attraction" tipped to create 2000 jobs through the construction phase. But the plans have come under fire from both councillors Donna Gates and Cameron Caldwell, who feel the project is a "land grab" for a residential development. The area, zoned as agricultural land and outside the urban footprint, has often been touted as a future development site and it is understood IMETT is only one party looking at the area. IMETT managing director Ron Brown said the company was not interested in building homes, but rather an "international attraction" also featuring a hospitality educational precinct, a boutique hotel, botanic gardens, bars and restaurants. Have your say on the feedback form below Mr Brown said the proposal was 10 years in the making, with IMETT scouring the Queensland coast for a site in 2003, before seeing it knocked back by the then-co-ordinator-general in 2010. He said the site was between 500 to 600ha, with many of the farmers awaiting approval before they considered selling up. He said he had since met with the State Government and would lodge the relevant application in April under the significant project scheme. A spokesman for the department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning last night confirmed the company had met its executives and had been advised to provide more information to the Co-ordinator-General. Mr Brown said he had engaged international companies Forrec, a Canadian theme park developer, and Tilke, a German racetrack designer, to develop a masterplan to present to the decision-makers. The former airline industry executive said the site would also include a light rail link from a proposed heavy rail station at Yatala and he had begun discussions with European tram developer Bombardier to provide the linkage. Despite the bold vision, Cr Caldwell said he felt the developers were using "bingo words" to try and assume a prime site without the proper development of a masterplan. "It is fair to recognise in years to come there may be a move away from canefarming industry. Rather than an ad hoc approach with bingo words like hotels, race tracks and theme parks, we need a transitional masterplan to map out the area in the event that the sugar industry was to not continue," he said. Cr Gates said the canegrowers were divided. Mr Brown said he had secured funding from UK and US investors.
  21. That must be it. "It's on par with what Dreamworld has been adding. Which is below par to Dreamworld standards of old? It’s not that I don’t mind Dreamworld added some of these rides. It just gets my goat they try and pass them of as Colby cheese instead of Homebrand cheese block.
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