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  1. Then what is the point of a 1/2 done job. What color do you like? blue or yellow? WTF I like red.
  2. I like the artist impression colours over the red track.
  3. New temporary fence going up this morning. The new fence is roughly in the same area where the helicopter cashed.
  5. This has been taken from the building approval. You can look it up yourself. Description: NEW MIDI DISK 'O' KIDS RIDE AT DREAMWORLD Code: BUILDING Class: MISCELLANEOUS COMMERCIAL STRUCTURE Work: CONSTRUCT Lodged: 15/04/2011 Status INFO AND REFER STAGE (21/04/2011) File Number PN293500/04/25 Private Cert. Y Lapse/Completion Date 13/04/2013 Decision APPROVED (13/04/2011) - DELEGATED AUTH DECISION People CERTIS BUILDING CERTIFICATION (PRIVATE CERTIFIER) DREAMWORLD & WHITE WATER WORLD (APPLICANT) Property PACIFIC HIGHWAY, COOMERA As you can read the approval has been completed by a Private Cert. Now when council are involved for town planning. Stage 3 water park Description: EXTENSIONS TO THEME PARK Code: MATERIAL CHANGE OF USE Class: CODE Work: Lodged: 24/10/2007 Status POST ASSESSMENT (18/12/2009) File Number PN293500/01/DA3 Private Cert. No Lapse/Completion Date 28/07/2018 Decision APPROVED (19/11/2009) - DELEGATED AUTH DECISION People MACQUARIE LEISURE OPERATIONS LIMITED (APPLICANT) Property PACIFIC HIGHWAY, COOMERA Events Description Due Date Completed APPLICATION PROPERLY MADE 31/10/2007 24/10/2007 ISSUE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NOTICE 07/11/2007 07/11/2007 INFO SENT TO REFERRAL BY APPLICANT 08/02/2008 16/11/2007 INFO REQUEST EXTN LETTER SENT 21/11/2007 21/11/2007 QLD TRANSPORT 07/01/2008 28/11/2007 DEPT NATURAL RESOURCES & MINERALS 07/01/2008 05/12/2007 INFORMATION REQUEST PERIOD 05/12/2007 05/12/2007 DEPT OF MAIN ROADS 07/01/2008 24/12/2007 RECEIVE REQUESTED INFORMATION 09/12/2008 29/01/2008 DECISION MAKING EXT LETTER SENT 26/02/2008 26/02/2008 MAKE DECISION 25/03/2008 28/07/2008 ISSUE DECISION NOTICE 04/08/2008 28/07/2008 END OF APPLICANTS APPEAL PERIOD 25/08/2008 01/08/2008 APPLICANT SUSPEND APPEAL 01/08/2008 RECEIVED REQUEST FOR NEG DECISION 23/09/2008 27/08/2008 DECIDE ON NEGOTIATED DECISION 23/11/2009 19/11/2009 ISSUE NEGOTIATED DECISION NOTICE 26/11/2009 20/11/2009 END OF NEGOTIATED APPEAL PERIOD 18/12/2009 18/12/2009 This took over 1 year. WORKS ORDER Code: OPERATIONAL WORKS Class: CHANGE TO GROUND LEVEL Work: Lodged: 15/06/2007 Status POST ASSESSMENT (17/12/2007) File Number PN293500/03/DA1 Private Cert. No Lapse/Completion Date 08/08/2009 Decision APPROVED (08/08/2007) - DELEGATED AUTH DECISION People ALLIANCE DESIGN GROUP (APPLICANT) Property PACIFIC HIGHWAY, COOMERA Events Description Due Date Completed APPLICATION PROPERLY MADE 22/06/2007 19/06/2007 INFO REQUEST EXTN LETTER SENT 31/07/2007 17/07/2007 INFORMATION REQUEST PERIOD 31/07/2008 20/07/2007 ISSUE DECISION NOTICE 16/08/2007 08/08/2007 RECEIVE REQUESTED INFORMATION 24/07/2008 09/08/2007 MAKE DECISION 07/09/2007 09/08/2007 END OF APPLICANTS APPEAL PERIOD 06/09/2007 06/09/2007 ISSUE DECISION NOTICE 16/08/2007 17/12/2007 6 Months You can have a look yourself at the site. Can you please show where you got your information from?
  6. Thunder Rapid Ride under maintenance from 2 March to the 13 May, 2011 Why is this down for 10 weeks?????????
  7. For you WWW. Hatched area is Dreamworlds retained land.
  8. What are you on about WWW RED area is Dreamworlds land.
  9. Dreamworld birthday gift to oneself. 52.13 ha of land.
  10. If you add 4 sea vipers together + 1 carpark.
  11. Food for thought. The area that was cleared and marked out for a new carpark, inline with WWW upgrade had overgrown. I went past today and this area has been cleared again. 4 reasons I think this could be. 1. Trees where growing back and Dreamworld had to clear them before a new DA was required. 2. WWW upgrade is going to go ahead. 3. Dreamworld are about to start new construction in this area. 4. Dreamworld had extra money to waste.
  12. The cleared area was ment to be an overflow carpark for the WWW extensions
  13. Who’s criticising? It was just a question.
  14. What do people think about Dreamworld leasing land out next to the tiger’s enclosures for a TELECOMMUNICATIONS FACILITY? Do people think there is a link to cancer or not with these types of towers?
  15. Anyone for some whiplash? And information released last night is quote "The old Tower of Terror cart has been replaced with a new one that is an entire tonne lighter and with lower sides so you feel there is less keeping you in." SCOTT "Yeah but the ride isnt going to be that much lighter, thats what ive been saying all along the weight difference is probably only a couple of hundred kg max" Sorry to say but we are all just speculators, even boilermakers the difference is I will not tell you to shutup.
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