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  1. Virus_126

    The quality of Dreamworld

    I have said this once but I’ll say it again there’s nothing wrong with dreamworld it just needs some new paint here and there.
  2. Virus_126

    Spacewalker Shut

    Not really, it was a bit boring but infinity on the other hand is awesome.
  3. Virus_126

    Spacewalker Shut

    It's similar to infinity also on the coast it's a walkthrough attraction with laser effects and all that type of stuff + one of my ex-girlfriends got a black eye there because I accidentally hit her in the eye
  4. Virus_126

    Southbank Water Precinct Expansion

    Well the thing is now open the but lagoon style pool there has been closed and drained because the pool was leaking
  5. Virus_126

    Spacewalker Shut

    Yes its true spacewalker on the gold coast has closed down, well the attraction is still there but it’s just not open with a for lease sign in the window so there you have it so discuss.
  6. Virus_126

    Is Dreamworld going downhill?

    I think that the park just needs some new paint here and there
  7. Virus_126

    The Simpsons in MW?

    Well the Simpsons are kiddie and crappy compared to family guy or South Park
  8. Virus_126

    concession cards

    Just wanting to know that dose dreamworld accept concession cards so you can in cheaper because I’m going to dreamworld tomorrow with a bunch of friends and I really don’t want to pay full price so I really need to know tonight
  9. Virus_126

    25 penguins die at Sea World

    It’s something to do with the gravel that killed them
  10. Virus_126

    The Simpsons in MW?

    Simpsons sucks family guy and South Park rocks
  11. Virus_126

    New Sesame Street Land

    It all could be not true
  12. Virus_126

    WWW review

    This place is not very far from where I live but I don’t know why I haven’t been there yet
  13. Virus_126

    Does anyone have 50%off vouchers....

    You are all cheap well anyway got cheap vouchers to movie world, sae world and wet and wild
  14. Virus_126

    Old Waterslide Tower in Brisbane

    I think the reason the place closed down in the first place because someone got injured
  15. Virus_126

    Aussie World pencils in waterpark

    Aussie world still exist holy **** it’s just I haven’t been there or even gone past that place in years