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  1. I thought Warner Brothers Still supply a liscence to movieworld?
  2. When the video feature of the website is open will we beable to make the video link to a youtube video? Because ive got a whole channel full of MovieWorld videos and Pov's
  3. Atleast someone agrees with me Companies do not open any type of premium attraction without getting profit, or it would be closed!
  4. I havent been on the motorcoaster lol with superman escape isnt the load and unload station seperated by a door, how can they make the items go through the door
  5. It looks really sexy Not to mention sunsafe And waterproof
  6. its the first one in this picture? makes way more sense
  7. Does anyone know what date the construction is starting?
  8. I didnt look at first post lol! now i know what it might look like
  9. Maybe a person who works at seaworld could PM a few of us what is being put in so that WVTP cant read if they gave the information away or not then they dont lose their jobs
  10. I dont think they can because its got a seperate load and unload station
  11. It is one of the most overpriced part of dreamworld and they are making so much profit, are you sure theres no packages where you can just get the photo and not the experience? You can still cuddle them in the photo
  12. Lockers, im that type of person that doesnt like to risk things that just shouldnt be messed with Like super fast ride with loose items just doesnt mix
  13. I disagree with being free to put whatever items you want in your pockets For obvious reasons But i also disagree with the fee for the lockers, this should be removed and included in ticket price
  14. Its not on every add is it? I never seem to notice it, im always away on Ad breaks. I dont find big brother advertisements take over and make my favourite programs frustrating
  15. Change the channel? Its not like channel 10 is the only channel you have If you do not like channel 10's big brother ads or the other channels then buy Austar Dreamworld_rulz was just pointing out that Gazza would have to watch the show quite a bit to know that "most" of the big brother contestants are bogans
  16. I guess thats what forums are designed for
  17. Depends ive had good memories of warner brothers movie world when i was 5 I thought i was really in the movies and I thought austin powers character was actually Austin powers plus the great Warner Brothers Kids and Scooby-doo spooky coaster!!!!
  18. No if there is two trains on at one time the block system goes in place which means that you will only see a train come out once at a time with a minute gap Sorry if im wrong again
  19. I like mainstream music What type of songs do they play in dreamworld?
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