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  1. Superman, When they turn on the main power of the scooby-doo coaster where do all the 16 or 18 trains start from?
  2. wow this ride sounds good.. i might consider riding it
  3. Thanks for the explanation Superman.. oh and gazza nice drawing lol
  4. What i meant was like you know how the tracks get connected to the lift.. what would happen if the ride faulted for like 6 seconds and it made the elevator go up before or in the middle of the second car going into the elevator?
  5. Nooooo!!!! Cartoon network cant go!!!!!!!!!!! but...... lalalal lalalala elmos world DUN DUN DUN lalalala lalalala Elmos world! DUN DUN DUN! BRAINWASHING MUSIC.... MUST RESIST!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  6. im going here with a few of my friends and my brother... Should be fun, and im going to ride Superman escape for the first time ever! Hopefully its not that scary especially at night time *gulp* and im hoping to get a Annual pass as I have been to movieworld ever since i was 4 years old
  7. do you have the finished product yet?
  8. It is over so quick.. its sort of dissapointing. water rides arent thrilling at all! Since im more of a technology liking person i stick to movieworld, longest and best rides xD
  9. i hate the weightlessness feeling, i only like it on Wild west falls and Scooby-doo coaster xD do you feel that feeling on superman escape?
  10. Formula of new ride technology Steel = Can be launched (like superman) Wooden = ugly.. im not sure if they can be launched.. and they are old.. VERY HARD TO MAINTENANCE! Water rides = This isnt old technology if you have very good themeing (like Wild west falls) Wild mouse = This is pretty good technology they can do anything... backward drops... vertical lifts heavy theming and sharp turns (like scooby-doo spooky coaster) Inverted = (Lethal weapon) Simulator = bad rides anyway (Batman) Drop rides = Good (batwing spaceshot) Whats missing in this list is wooden.. Movieworld arent making a wooden coaster because it is old technology and it wouldnt look good unless its western themed, wooden coasters arent as appealing as the newer technologies *gets flameshield* god help me when the flaming begins
  11. http://youtube.com/watch?v=M-W_UfUFD3I ------- POV of scooby-doo coaster in night vision--- Not done by me..
  12. and how are you getting these pictures of scooby doo without the effects and with noone on them? are u a movieworld maintenance person?
  13. Thanks for the explanation. I wish i could go to movieworld more often, but my mum and dad arent made out of money, i liv in springbrook and its like only once or twice a year i get to go to movieworld, it sux majorly.
  14. When they do daily checks on the cars, is it still possible that a screw or bolt could come undone on the car during a sharp turn or something and on the lift elevator part, its so synchronized and everything, if the synch had a fault, what would happen? EDIT: Video of scooby-doo done in night vision by a person called Deano in 2004.. i found this video off of a forum and uploaded to youtube.. link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=M-W_UfUFD3I
  15. I went on the scooby-doo coaster 1 year ago and it was so cool and i didnt get the "butterfly" feeling which i really hate on rides. But my question is, if the ride broke down and your like on a difficult part such as the disco area or the lift, how do they get you out?
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