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  1. While its obvious their going to put more emphasis on the stunts in the show, i do hope this new show has comedy as well. Thats what made PA so great.
  2. Thanks for that, good video, is anyone considering recording a video of the show before it closes? I don't think I will be able to get in before it closes unfortunately.
  3. I've been thinking about it for a little bit, and movieworld doesn't have much to keep you there for a full day if you don't like rides. I think they need to add another sedate attraction for people that don't like rides. I'm not exactly sure what they could do tho. any ideas?
  4. I'm worried that this will split WVTP potential customers, holiday makers will now have to decide to go either to this park down at Melbourne or the gold coast and its theme parks. ... Maybe i feel this way just because i would much prefer this new park to be on the gold coast. It's where i live
  5. yes all is well i saw it operating yesterday, can't say the same for surfrider tho...
  6. can confirm this has nothing to do with the roof on main street.
  7. Will do, haven't got my roster for that fortnight yet so we will see.
  8. If I am not working i will definitely be heading in.
  9. Well its been officially announced to close on the 30th april and there was a report on channel ten news at 5 in queensland about it in which they interviewed some cast members and Steve Peet.
  10. Just to let everyone know, surfrider went down very early in the day (ie.11amish) yesterday and was down all day today, don't know what the problem is tho, just noticed this while working yesterday and today. So if your planning a trip to Wet 'n' Wild just for Surfrider make sure you ring in the morning to check if it will be running or not over the next week or so, will update when i see its up,
  11. Well its been closed this week due to a broken cable or something didn't someone say in another topic? As Gazza said ring guest services a couple of days proir and they should know. It would open as soon as it possible, maybe they are waiting for a cable or something from the manufacturer? Just had a thought, do rides have a warranty?
  12. I had this thought the other day, kinda contradicting myself, theme wise it sounds good to have a roof which would make main st look like a movie set, but in reality i don't think it would be that pleasing to the eye.
  13. I have a feeling it will go all the way up to the big screen
  14. Any Possible way of air-con in it like at Robina Town Centre, they have a mall that is under cover but open at both ends and it is air-con, this would be ideal seeming the roof is going ahead no matter what we all think.
  15. With all due respect just because you work there doesnt mean you know all that is going on there.
  16. Any news on when the haze will be back up in the main room? it does lack that certain feeling i got the first couple times on it as it seems its themeing is slowly getting worst (all be it im sure simple things to fix such as lights and stuff), especially the last room.
  17. When i saw the green and orange im like runaway reptar?
  18. Pretty sure thats the wrong way around The left side doesnt get used because it just isnt busy, so they cut down on staff therefore opening only oe side and thats the most accesible side to exit from. Mammoth Falls has only one side open at the moment, the AOS one and thats because its not busy and only the camera on the AOS side is working for ride photography.
  19. Thinking of filming one of the shows before it leaves, it really is a good show. Just everyone has seen it now
  20. A Raffle? get me an entry form haha. I do hope I am able to attend, would be something special.
  21. I was in the photo centre but not until after 11. you probably don't remember but was the person wearing red or green? Funny you should mention the one person rings, over the last week WnW have been doing surveys and one of the options for what you would like to see next was individual slides. i think they are needed, there are not many slides you can do as a single. EDIT: by the way great photos of Wet n Wild, some great and unique angles.
  22. you were at the park today? probably served you. You were unlucky but by the sounds of it, all week there has been no line at all for surfrider. the short cycle time has been a complaint i hear alot about surfrider. I guess they could get it to do the track another time, but then the wait would be longer.
  23. They are doing something special for it, not sure what tho, but Steve Peet has said alot of advertising into this so it must be big.My personal opinon is its later then 1st of may, but i might be wrong. Just the new show wont be intill late in the year, it would seem weird to go half a year without a show.
  24. Feeling exactly the same, I will make sure I see it again before its gone. Going to the last show would be special.
  25. At least they are hosted on their own server... But that's got to be a exact rip off. They look the same down to every pixel. EDIT: Just noticed that the Tower of Terror and the Giant Drop have a comment that's the same. http://www.dreamworld.com.au/content/drw_2...?name=GiantDrop http://www.dreamworld.com.au/content/drw_2...e=TowerofTerror
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