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  1. Basic layout first jumped out to me as a myfun rip off.
  2. I've been ****ting myself on that exact section of the track way to many times..
  3. We use to have a member that gave us all these, but he had to take them down due to his employer (WVTP) not being very happy about it. So I don't think you will see them, because anyone in a position to take them doesn't want to lose their job.
  4. don't know the date but i know its this year....
  5. Thanks. Yes I was really lucky, it was actually really cloudy all day and when I left the house to go take the photos it cleared up just over Wet n Wild and Movieworld so I was very happy. Sorry about the tags, didn't think to put the extra tags for the other rides you can see. Didn't actually get how to do the tags for the first couple I uploaded so I think I might have put undue extra work on to Richard. Sorry big fella. Gazza great contributions to the international parks, to me and im sure everyone else on here, its really interesting to see all the rides at parks I haven't been to so thanks
  6. Was going to edit previous post, but its been to long. I went to Wet 'n' Wild on Monday and took photos of every ride, just. My battery nearly run out with a couple to go so some only have like 2 photos, I have uploaded some but i will finish tomorrow.
  7. Went to Movie World and Wet n Wild today to take photos for the site when I came across this, its covering a gift shop, so maybe just a re-paint, never the less here are the photos.
  8. If you want to go on surfrider don't go to Wet n Wild between approx. the 21 of July to the 1st of September as i was informed today that it will be closing over that time. Still to want to go on Surfrider at that time of year, you would have to be pretty brave, very cold
  9. I might head into Wet n Wild on my day off to take photos.
  10. Yes it is up and running, well it was as of last week. so unless something unexpected happens its ripping and raring to go.
  11. Yes, if i had to make a choice i would go no roof and keep the trees, It seems like a big jump just because we have had one bad summer season in terms of rain.
  12. If there was a way to do it that didn't look so ugly maybe.
  13. Well i made the post to tell you that yes, i do know what the ride is (a description of it at least - i really do not know the specific ride/manufacturer) , no i don't want to lose my job so i can't tell you. But its not the water coaster which was mentioned at the start of the topic. So basically my post earlier was to debunk the water coaster rumour.
  14. if it is that, do you think they will change the basic course layout on the website, it doesn't seem like much a couple of turns and its over.
  15. Its just a scheduled maintenance I am lead to believe seeming that the dates were put up on website last years. They did a few runs of the trains yesterday, because we got a few pictures of empty trains. and it should have been back up and running today i do believe.
  16. I know its been raining lately, but im not really sure if this would work. It definitely doesn't look appealing. Unless they want to go for the whole your on a filming set look.
  17. Just on this, how do you become a subscriber? I can't find any information on the www.parkz.com.au website.
  18. Will there be one that will work with fire fox any time soon?
  19. Hey, when I click on the link on the main parkz site to go to the forum, I get this error. so I sign in and all I get is a blank white page with the error that is up the top of this screenshot (see attachment). I think this logs me in still because when I manually type http://www.parkz.com.au/forums/index.php into my address bar to come here it works the forum works and I am signed in.
  20. yes, but did they ever mention it, the only thing i saw was the title down the bottom was roller-coaster record. still pretty misleading...
  21. From what i was told i think i can rule that out, then again i could be completely wrong..
  22. Grant Denyer is doing three hours today on the corkscrew, is this any where near it?
  23. Im not sure but that 22 million might have included the price for the sea world resort upgrade as well.
  24. I would put it in the lockers yes, just so i don't have to give them a second thought and can enjoy the ride.
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