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  1. Skyra

    Dreamworld Q&A - Shoot!

    Wow, that's an interesting one. Certainly not true. But interesting..
  2. Skyra

    Dreamworld Q&A - Shoot!

    As far as the mushrooms, I've not a clue sorry. WWW has always been a fascinating one for me and I believe if I'm being told the right info that it is going ahead, there are just some approval processes to finalize first. And lastly, the Tower of Terror's speed has decreased and they seem to be doing this more regularly and the generic answer by the park will always be that the speed is 'optimal' for a wider range of guests. Of course the ride CAN go back to its potential speed; its whether or not Dreamworld decide to do it or not.
  3. Skyra

    Dreamworld Q&A - Shoot!

    Hey Gary wow, an impressive list of questions! 1. I do not for one second believe that it was something they forgot to do, I sincerely think it was pure laziness and cost cutting. If one thing at Dreamworld always failed to make it to the top of the agenda every time, it was theming. The proof is in the pudding I'm afraid to say. 2. That baffles me as much as it does you. If you are referring to Pandamonium (which is the only 'thrill' classified ride in that area of the park), then it stumps me. I don't know whether it was just the right size place to put the ride, or whether they felt somehow the theme of the ride fit loosely into the theme of the area. (Red and gold is all I can think of). It was honestly the worst ride placement I've seen in a long time and now we have another thrill ride about to go up where the Reef Diver was - it is really as if Ocean Parade and the Dreamworks attraction are merging, and I don't know if I'm a fan of it or not. 3. I do not know. We got informed that it was closing and it wasn't reopening, but the reasoning behind it is something for management to know and us never to truly know. 4. No. I think for the most part it was seen as a bit of a cop out and the management knew it would backlash as a 'cheap and nasty' fix instead of buying and developing our own rides. 5. Cost cutting. Initially it was announced it was as a 'tribute' to the ride but we all knew it was really that no one wanted to go to the effort of organising a dismantling. I must say though, that with a little bit of effort they could have possibly pulled off the tribute thing, it wouldn't have been hard just every now and then to touch the chairs up and keep them looking nice. 6. I don't believe so. Dreamworld don't have any short term or long term development plans for the mountain. I can guarantee if it wasn't for the fact that it backed onto shops and other attractions, it would've been pulled down. (This also gave them a chance to realise just how good it was as a storage space). Funny, really. 7. The train was replaced to be more child-friendly, I'm not even kidding. They felt that the new train was more colourful and vibrant and would attract more riders. Was this the case? Not at all. But it was worth a shot. 8. There are bits and pieces of the Thunderbolt in the Eureka mountain, and also in the main storage area under the Tower of Terror. They aren't by any means nice bits, or even still-together bits, but there are bits. 9. As a long term strategy I know that Dreamworld wants to divulge into the roller coaster arena as much as possible - it is the one area that with some improvement could see a massive rise in attendance and ride choice for guests. Now, when I say it's a long term strategy, that's purely down to interpretation as to whether that means it's going to happen soon or if it's going to happen at all. The land near where the Big Brother house is was once supposedly having designs and blueprints for coasters being developed, but because they chose to bring the show back, it got put in the out tray. 10. I don't like the chances. If there's one part of Dreamworld that needs some work and quickly, it's that damn cinema. I would just like to see it maintained and become more of an attraction before I worry about whether it will go 4D - I also don't think they want to enter that competitive space with Movieworld knowing full well that MW has a much tighter grasp on these types of attractions.
  4. Skyra

    Dreamworld Q&A - Shoot!

    Hey T-bone 1. Always been a grey area of rumour and hear say, however with all the different little tidbits I heard over the time, I BELIEVE they are going on show, one in Main Street and one in Gold Rush. They have sat rusting away for so long though that I don't know whether I trust my own belief on this one. 2. There is god knows what tucked away in storage. I know the original TOT car was sent away, where to I can't be certain but it wasn't kept in the park long. The old horse carriage is in the mine ride, along with various parts of the original thunderbolt theming and probably 2 or 3 log ride pods. It could all be sold for a fortune to Dreamworld fanatics. 3. This is a funny story - depending on how you see it. There was some type of plumbing issue and it was never rectified. It was on the maintenance checklist for about 6 months before it was wiped of actioning and they just never repaired it. It is silly, really, but then the water restrictions came into place and I think Dreamworld figured it had an excuse. 4. The whale I haven't seen for years. It's whereabouts I can't tell you unfortunately. I know it was in the tour office for a brief period, then moved to the storage area under TOT, and from there I've no clue.
  5. Skyra

    Dreamworld Q&A - Shoot!

    Hey! What's inside the mountain is a lot of junk to be honest. Bits of the old mine ride, bits of other dismantled rides and attractions, chairs, tables, poles, cables - just a lot of trash really. I really think it needs to be renamed the 'rubbish tip' rather than storage. And in terms of the removal, we all watched it happen, we all talked about it, and they never told us what was going on. It was really annoying when Dreamworld did anything like that - there were so many instances in which things would just 'happen' without explanation and you just didn't ask. In reference to the second point - it really looks as if they are focusing on the rejuvenation of the park. So many rides are on the list for a retheme or refurb, it's awesome to see and I don't see any major announcements being made anytime in the near future - but rumour around the park insists there is a big announcement coming in the future. For Rocky Hollow, I've been told it's going to be a pretty intensive redo, and it's well deserved too. And sorry, no, I never operated the train I knew someone would ask that and of course I can't say.
  6. I don't believe it will be done until after the next round of school holidays, if history is to be proven true.
  7. I understand that the next ride to receive the royal TLC is Rocky Hollow
  8. So since I've left Dreamworld and am no longer too concerned about the repercussions of 'inside info', is there anything anyone would like to know about the internal operations of Dreamworld, be it the park, rides, attractions or anything else? If anyone missed my hello post, I worked at Dreamworld for 20 years - 10 of them as a ticket taker, attraction operator and backup ride assistant, and the following 10 as a ride operator. I still have an awesome range of contacts within the park and I'd be happy to share the inside info or try to get it for you all! Cheers, Mark
  9. Got off the phone to one of my fellow operators in the park - the plan was to reopen today but the ride failed a critical speed vs mass test. Usually signifies a 1 or 2 day closure and testing on any other ride, so if the test goes right tomorrow they may open Monday.
  10. Since the management takeover rI can tend to agree.
  11. It's really interesting that they haven't opened the ride.
  12. Skyra

    What is your dream B&M rollercoaster

    I actually have to fix that reply because it doesn't involve a B&M.
  13. They might be opening this weekend but they are going to have a meeting at the start of next week to discuss? "So guys, should we open the ride two days ago or leave it until today?" If Dreamworld are smart they will open on what is historically the busiest day of the week (a Saturday) to ensure awareness of the reopening and word of mouth. If nothing else, to give the guests as few reasons as possible to complain. From past experience when I was working at the park, rides need only a day or two for testing - especially when it is just a refurb and not a restructuring or reprogramming of the ride cycle. I would be a little taken back and possibly a little disappointed if it wasn't open tomorrow.
  14. Correct. Dreamworld has approval from the council and local authorities to use the water. (I should have said 'had', because up until now the water has been long gone.
  15. Skyra

    What is your dream B&M rollercoaster

    Without giving too much away a huge announcement is underway from Dreamworld!