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  1. Not sure if already mentioned but all rides surrounding gold rush country are closed at the moment due to respect wich includes TOT2, GD, Rocky hollow and BZ. It is confirmed that Rocky hollow Log Ride WILL re open to the public. I hope that helps
  2. That would be for the new torres strait islands corrobree section.
  3. OMG the Side windewr is starting to get pretty rough allready?????
  4. WRONGGGG The truth is that too many people were nagging to go on the other side than what they were on so they just made them the same
  5. he is doing what my computer used to do. Any updates on tiger island or reanimated35 talking about his experience he whants to do.
  6. Don't know if already mentioned but dreamworld are going to build a new bilby enclosure according to 7news
  7. On the kevil hill page it now says closed for maintance even thought it is a seasonal attraction.
  8. This is some thing a little bit different the side winder at Hersheypark is the same train at the one at dreamworld so the sidewinder is a name not to change the style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4CYYdxlhSA&feature=player_detailpage
  9. well they actually have repainted the station track and brake run track.
  10. They Should Gut Zombie Evilution/Kevil Hill And Make The Inside Of The Building A 3D Ride. Themed To Something Like A Submarine Theme Like Some Of You Were Talking About.
  11. Dreamworld should install a 3d ride like transformers or the Simpsons ride
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