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  1. Is there any news or predictions about the reopening of Jamberoo or Raging Waters? Both were scheduled to reopen these school holidays but obviously won’t be. Do you think they will both reopen in October when restrictions are lifted? Or will they hold off to November or even the December holidays as they don’t anticipate much business anyway until then due the weather?
  2. In terms of the places you’re visiting: 1. California There are the 4 big parks in Los Angeles: - Disneyland/Disney California Adventure - Universal Studios Hollywood - Six Flags Magic Mountain - Knotts Berry Farm Then the 2 parks down near San Diego: - SeaWorld San Diego - Legoland California Then if you’re going up to San Francisco which is a great city besides theme parks you have: - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom And I always believe you need to do Las Vegas if you’re going all the way to LA. While not great theme parks, there are so
  3. Of course there are some unique attractions at each. In my opinion with limited days (plus the expensive costs of a Disney park), I would skip Hollywood Studios if you do Californian Adventure. You could even get the park hopper and just have a quick visit to Hollywood Studios to try out the Aerosmith ride or the new Mickey and Minnie ride.
  4. There are just so many parks (and other attractions) that it’s tough to get everything done. Try and not double up on the theme parks. - If you’re doing Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, you could skip Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida as their attractions are very similar. Of course there are some popular shows and attractions that aren’t in California but the Florida parks are very expensive. Disney’s Epcot and Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida are very different from the Californian parks and are more worth it. - Universal Studios Orlando and Universa
  5. I previously said that I wasn’t disadvantaged by this system. I was in a pair and I didn’t have to wait long for another pair. I’m complaining because I genuinely want this park to do well because it’s the biggest park in Sydney. All the angry groups on Facebook and the anger I witnessed towards staff members at the park is concerning for a park that wants to reinvent itself. This isn’t just one ride - it’s the 3 most popular slides in the park. Yes the entrance to those slides was embarrassingly disorganised and not very customer service friendly. Groups of 3 were very confused and th
  6. I still find it suspicious that only 3 cloverleaf slides were updated (Bombora/T5/Tantrum) but the other 3 were not (Double Bowlseye/Riptide/Curler). And the other Australian slides were not updated (eg Tornado WetnWild GC, Kraken Adventure World etc). I’d love to know why Proslide considers Tantrum unsafe with 3 riders but the Kraken is safe with 3. But there’s still no excuse for the disorganisation and rude customer service at the entrance to those slides.
  7. The Facebook reviews are full of upset visitors who were in a group of 3 but were turned away from these slides. There aren’t enough single riders around to accomodate groups of 3. These slides also have the standard 320kg cloverleaf weight maximum so a couple that weighs 100kg each would have a very embarrassingly difficult time finding 2 others that are light enough to ride with. Every group is herded onto a scale with a red or green light before they are allowed up the staircase. If the rule change was because of capacity reasons, they have failed because of the amount of time wa
  8. I went to Raging Waters last weekend to try Whirlwind. Being from Sydney I really want this park to do well. There does appear to be some new decorations, more shade and it looks less rundown than last year. Overall the energy felt very positive. Whirlwind was not a great ride experience but it was long and colourful and I can see families liking it. Was a very quiet day. Whirlwind had a 20 minute line and everything else was a walk on. Can see it being a very long line in Summer. However the biggest change I encountered was the T5/Bombora/Tantrum complex ONLY allows 4 people
  9. Hey everyone, I’ll be visiting Cedar Point this June for 2 days (staying 3 nights in Sandusky). Does anyone have any tips: - Transport from Cleveland airport to Sandusky? - Cheap accomodation in the Sandusky area? - What lines are like during the June summer period and which rides should be done first? Thank you
  10. Are there any updates on this tour as I need to start planning soon?
  11. Do you have a rough estimate for each of the tours? As well as the parks visited in each tour?
  12. By West and East coast do you mean Los Angeles vs Orlando? I’ve only done LA. It also depends how long you’re staying for. You can easily spend 7 days at theme parks in LA (3 days at Disneyland, 1 day at Universal Studios, 2 days at Magic Mountain and 1 day at Knotts Berry Farm). LA obviously has lots of other attractions too like Hollywood, Santa Monica/Venice Beach and museums etc. There’s also Legoland but it’s more for younger children and SeaWorld San Diego but it’s just a better version of SeaWorld Gold Coast but still worthwhile. You also have the option to explore Las V
  13. The tour looks amazing - I would definitely be interested in the 21 day option
  14. I’m from Sydney and have visited WNW Sydney at least once a year and have stayed pretty active on WetnWild forums. The first year was very successful attendance wise (being a novelty) but overall there were too many problems in the first year - huge lines and high prices were the main ones! This either stopped people from visiting again OR people decided to wait until they get new attractions. There was also the cancelling of the New Years Eve event and there was just a general negative cloud around WetnWild (despite having some great slides). Attendance drastically dropped the following
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