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  1. Credit to dw_goldenyears on instagram for these images but TOTII is finally commencing with removing the tunnel
  2. Ohhh it was you haha, Yeah Sledgehammer is really massive! So many people are coming up to me, 3 on Friday and 5 today it's just absolutely insane at the moment! This is probably really confusing @19Michael96 i thought it was you but never mind haha
  3. I was down at the boardwalk and went back up to hear from the other two guys that someone came up to them and asked if they were Coasterlife, But man this is the 8th time this week for it to happen! 😂
  4. Haha I can see myself on the balcony! I’m the one on the very left, I have a couple new photos of Big Dipper from today, The track after the corkscrew and before the brake run has been installed
  5. The dodgems are staying, Big Dipper’s queue will be all on top of the building. It will make more sense once we start seeing more progression but looking at the animation the queue can 100% make it around and under the first launch, Seeing how they have pulled everything off in Maloneys corner they can make it work.
  6. I found some pretty cool images for all of the new rides on luna parks website
  7. I must say that the dark wall with the trees and what i think is spores looks like some sort of thing related to the show Stranger Things, Possibly something to do for this years halloween event? ,I doubt it though
  8. He posted this before the September opening was announced back in late March
  9. I have never been to the event but aren’t the houses inside the big top?
  10. Doomsday has reopened and the only ride that is currently closed is RRRC
  11. This photo is from bikash’s Instagram story and shows that the new Hollywood sign lights up!
  12. 30th Anniversary shirts are now available at the park for $30 Credit (TPSN)
  13. I actually hope it's a permanent feature, It looks nice!
  14. I saw the advert and to no surprise they also brought up fully six.
  15. Jamberoo has released the velocity falls logo as well as some more information
  16. It's also rather noisy but i wonder if it's just because of it's first time runs the ride just needs a little wearing
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