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  1. Thanks for that Richard. I only have dial-up so the map doesn't really work all that well. But good to know that there is a decent amount of room left for DW to expand. Nice to know that there's room for WWW to grow as well! ! ! Thanks again!
  2. Is there any way to find out exactly what they do or don't own, and what is maybe able to be purchased?
  3. I'd say it'll be when someone has time to do it, and there's something to report. My guess would be sometime soon, there's some themeing starting to show and the behemoth should be finished soon. That said, there's been a lil rain lately, so thay might have slowed things up a little. I only live about half hour from DW/WWW and might be heading to the coast tomorrow, so will see if I have time to stop in and take some pics.
  4. Cheers guys, thanks for that! Always wondered what it was, now I know! Thanks again.
  5. I was wondering if anyone out there knew anything about the old waterslide tower near the Oxley MacDonald's in Brisbane. It's behind the Macca's/Harvey Norman complex, and is bright red, there are no slide pieces at all and looks like there were two slides, although I haven't had a chance to have a good scout around yet. Was this park of a mini park of some sort or just the one slide tower? Any ideas, anyone?
  6. Any indication yet as to whether there will be an annual "park hopper" for DW and WWW?
  7. That article is pretty interesting, nice find Jamberoo Fan. It seems that Jamberoo won't just be slapping in some standard clones, sounds as if we could see a couple of unique twists! Look forward to seeing it all unfold.
  8. Drove past WWW today on the way to the Coast. The view from the road will be SPECTACULAR! The first thing you see is the Rocketslide winding around the Tornado. Really looking forward to seeing what it will all look like when it all comes together! ! ! I think i saw a few pieces of the bowl slide in place, so hard to see with all those damned bushes in the way! ! !
  9. Not wanting to fan the fire of the rumour and forgetting the fact that it probably won't happen, it would be quite a viable option for Movieworld. It would be a major drawcard for the general public and coaster enthusiats alike as it would be something completely new for Australia, while at the same time taking another piece of the thrill market away from Dreamworld. Just a question. If you were the Director of Dreamworld and noticed that your direct competition were making inrodes into your market, would you strike back and try and re-gain your position as the leader of the thrill sector or would you go in a different direction?
  10. Aaah I see. How's the progress going down at WWW? Anyone been past lately? Rocket slide must almost be done, and that 'mysterious' last ride must be making an appearance soon?
  11. I'm really happy that Movieworld are doing this, I would have loved to see it over a whole weekend with extended hours or something but I think this is a really great move by the park. Lets hope the others follow suit sometime in the near future.
  12. I think there are a combination of reasons. Funding being one of them I would assume. Also I think this is a first-time thing for the creators. Having nothing as a guide I guess would require more time. Could also be that it's not really a priority for them? I think there are some discussions on it somewhere in here...maybe you should do a search?
  13. I must admit the colours for the Tornado at WWW are a lil strange. I get that they want it to be as different to WnW's but I just don't get it. Maybe the theming will make all the difference, it normally does.
  14. Maybe Dreamworld are doing what they did a few years ago and are putting a few extra 'carnival-style' rides in for the Christmas holidays? Blue Lagoon would be an ideal site for that kind of thing.
  15. To be honest Im not too fussed on what they get, Seaworld isn't really a park where I'd go more than once every couple of years. Great to see that they are updating though!
  16. I have a feeling that the colours will end up suiting the park really well once names and sub-themes of attractions are taken into consideration. As for this final, un-announced attraction; I read somewhere that there will be another four-person tube slide. If this is true, I'm really hoping it's a behemoth bowl! Regardless, I'm sure it will be a great attraction!
  17. Drove past Whitewater World today. Octopus Racer looks almost finished, maybe 3 or 4 pieces to go up the top. LOOKS GREAT! I really spectacular looking slide, especially with the eight slides tangled together at the top. Some of the curves look really tight and FAST! Also there's a small section on Whitewater World in the Dreamworld e-newsletter. Hopefully we'll see the beginnigs of a website soon?
  18. By 'big' do you mean the "Big Air" coaster by Intamin?
  19. The aerial shot is great, good to see just how big the land is! Wave pool looks great. I'm actually really impressed with the kids structure as well!!! Do you think Dreamworld will co-ordinate the opening of their new 'attraction' with the opening of WWW?
  20. A world first for WWW would be great. It's difficult to get an accurate perception of how big the tower is, but to me it doesnt really look like there's enough room for and 8-lane racer. I would dearly love to be wrong though!
  21. I guess only time will tell! Has anyone heard anything about what we can expect to see in the near future? I'm guessing things are really gonna start moving along seeing as though they need to do the WHOLE path structure etc. Or will they do this as they go along?
  22. I am starting to get really excited about tower 3! There looks to be some big openings at the top, and some pretty thick support poles as well! Also, those really thin slide pieces, with the big wide curves...do they remind anyone else of the bowl slides that seem to be popping up everywhere in the states?
  23. Even though no one really has much of an idea of what this new 'attraction' will be, a guy can still dream lol. And thus, I would REALLY like to see an Xtended Robo Tower from Maurer-Soehne. This thing looks INCREDIBLE and would be unbelievable to ride and watch! I think this would be the perfect area to!!! Have a look: Maurer-Soehne
  24. Yeh thanks for the heads up...although they didn't show much, the line-up is posted on the ekka website for anyone who wants to know :-)
  25. I drove past yesterday on the way to/from Gold Coast. Tornado at Wet'n'Wild is finished, well from what I can see, and it's HUGE!!! A while ago I had doubts about just how big it was going to be, but all fears have been laid to rest! The drop into the funnel looks crazy steep as well. The framework for the WhiteWater World tornado looks to be completed as well. I think I also saw another slide piece in place on the tower closest to the road, can't be too sure tho, those DAMNED HEDGES!!!
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