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  1. I think perhaps it might have come about because there is no selection tab for Wet'n'Wild under the "Park Galleries" option on the photo galleries page??? And scott might not have had the time to sift through the individual galleries???
  2. If there's a whole discussion area in the forums, I would have thought there would be some form of gallery. I know there are some historic pictures of the park, maybe there will be an update soon considering the arrival of all these new rides?
  3. I couldn't see much change, not that I care. SOOOOO happy with more pics from any angles....COUNTING THE DAYS until we get our first flight!
  4. I personally am not too fussed whether they bring a Disneyland to Australia or not. I mean yeah, it would be pretty cool, and the brand alone would be sure to boost international tourism. But I really don't think it will happen. But I would much rather a Six Flags park or something, a company synonymous with big thrills as opposed to family fun. Just my opinion though. In all reality though, am just DREAMING of a decent coaster at Dreamworld...lol
  5. I'm not sure which one it will be. The description is a lil vague and to me, actually describes both types of rides. Both look like a helluva lot of fun though. I REALLY hope its the one where you spin around inside the funnel in a whirlpool type motion and drop through the middle rather than going back and forth. Can't wait to see which it is. Will be ABSOLUTELY STOKED with either. I can't wait to see all of the new Wet'n'Wild attractions.
  6. Try looking on the park websites for the coasters that you want. I've noticed that a lot of them have video's of their top rides, if not, at least the latest. Some of them even have a selection of viewpoints.
  7. Just wondering...will Superman be themed at all? It would be great if they could use some of the sets from the movie!!! Has anyone seen anything or heard anything?
  8. This Site has almost a complete list of all Amusement Ride Hire businesses in Australia. Hope this helps.
  9. Ok, so Dreamworld has just opened Wiggles World, and MovieWorld has Shrek 4D, both just in time for the school holidays. In December we are all awaitng the arrival of Superman, I dare say that SeaWorld will open their 'Mammoth' slide around that time, and I think Wet'n'Wild will open something around that time as well. But what will Dreamworld do for the annual new attraction/price rise event on Boxing Day? My guess is nothing this year
  10. At 3pm today there was a half hour program on Channel 7 about Hong Kong Disneyland. It looks AMAZING!!! And that's just from where it's located. The program gave you a guided tour, of sorts, around the park, and somewhat compared it to where each section originated in Anaheim. Anyone else catch it???
  11. The video and the pics are great, fantastic even. I really can't wait for this coaster. Am also looking forward to seeing what Dreamworld will do to match it. But that's for another time. I was on the train today (in Brisbane) and noticed that at one of the stations (not sure which one) there was a MASSIVE billboard advertising Superman: Escape. There is also A3 size advertising at central station and there was another A3 size ad ON the train where they have the trainline maps etc. All three ads have been the same though. Can't wait for the hype the park creates prior to the ride openin
  12. I went to Dreamworld on Monday and as I was spiraling my way down from the cyclone I noticed a couple of trucks moving some dirt around on the old Thunderbolt site. I'm not sure if this means anything, but I thought there might be a few people that would be interested. I also noticed a sole piece of old (white) half-burried in dirt and branches, to the right hand side of the station when looking at it from the front. There were a few pieces of the loop the the very back as well. Is most of the Thunderbolt track still on-site??? There wasn't much going on at the new Wiggles area. A few p
  13. A friend of mine told me that there will be three new additions to the ekka line up this year. 1) Energy Storm 2) Hard Rock 3) Twin Flip I thought some of you might like to know. Does anyone have any pics of these??? I have no idea what they are...
  14. I think I remember someone saying somewhere that there will be 2 attractions in the old TB site? Is that right? If so, I don't think we should expect too much as far as coasters are concerned. One can only hope though...
  15. I would really like to see WnW add some elements so their lazy river. Water spouts, jets, even a "wave" every now and then. Just something to make it a lil more exciting. But what they REALLY need is MORE SLIDES! It can't be too hard to squeeze some more in, especially these days where most slides don't need a pool, just a run-off...one can only hope.
  16. I was saying, on the previous page, that I would love to see the new Superman ride go underground A) because we don't have anything like that in Australia and it would add something extra to the ride if it were to be relatively small in height. As for 50meters, I'm unsure, I thought it was 40???
  17. Ok, so I just checked out some pics of Perilous Plunge...WOW! Definately high on the wish list. Crazy was a good description. Looks like complete madness...CAN'T WAIT to ride it! Although I dare say I'd be waiting a long time if I wanted to ride something like this in Australia. Perfect excuse to go and vsit Knotts tho
  18. At this point, I would be happy with ANYTHING from B&M!!! Although floorless, flying and diving would have to be my pics. B&M ALL THE WAY!
  19. Yes, the Cyclone is not the most attractive looking coaster. Although that could easily be fixed with some theming, it's really not hard to dress a coaster up, not all that expensive either. A Sheikra clone would be great, although I would love for Australia to get an orignal design, although this does cost more money. Either way I'm extatic about the new attraction. So we now know the DW isn't getting a Mack Water Coaster (I guess that narrows the field a little bit ...but something just as good??? Interesting...
  20. Thanks Paul. Would be good to see some undergroud track tho. Perhaps from the drop of the TopHat? would certainly add something extra if the height is going to be as small as is rumored.
  21. I would LOVE to see an underground section on the new Superman ride. Would be great! Something new for Australia, well Queensland at least...not to sure if there are any underground sections at Wonderland?
  22. I know a lot of people don't like 'fantasy threads', myself included to some extent. But I also know that a lot of us don't like people 'dreaming' in threads where only genuine information is to be posted. However, when there is something as exciting as this happening, with very little information, it's hard not to let your imagination run wild. So I thought that here we could all use this thread to express what we want to replace the thunderbolt and leave the other threads for genuine information and those 'rumours' that have a habit of becoming fact in the end lol IMO, I would LOVE to s
  23. The "Boomerango" and "Super Bowl" both look like great rides as well!!! All three would be great additions to Wet'n'Wild.
  24. Here is something that I have come across. The WhiteWater waterslide company have developed something new to be premiered at Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio. "The Zip Coaster" will allow riders to 'accelerate uphill'. The website says that the ride uses converyor belt technology, which makes me wonder how fast the uphill sections would be. There is not a lot of information on the ride, but Here's the link. Would be great it Wet 'n' Wild were to get something new like this with the $20million update!!! What do you guys think???
  25. I think a large capacity boat ride like the Bermuda Triangle would be great. However, ONLY if it's bigger in terms of the final drop. I just got a look at that Intamin Supersplash, lokks GREAT!
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