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  1. Kakie

    X-SCREAM tuesdays

    Hey, sorry if theres an easter show thread but i couldnt seem to find it. Does neone know if its packed on the xscream tuesday nights when all the rides are 30 dollars? Cos all i really go to the show for is the rides, and it sounds cheap, but i hate crowds
  2. Kakie

    New rides

    I wanna know what this "Space roller" rollercoaster is, it says 360 degress at 4g's, so i would assume maybe a looping galaxy?? And this Spped ride sounds interesting
  3. Kakie

    New rides

    Where are these rides going too?
  4. Kakie

    Sydney Royal Easter Show

    Twin Flip is so fuking evil, when i went on it, it did the whole flippey thing and that was horrid, then it went backwards, just as bad, and it wasnt very comfy either, and i could feel the bile starting to rise in my throat. Took an hour to get rid of the sickness. Chaos was really fun, never been on it before but it was very very short, but still fun, i'll go on it again Taipan was lame, just another galaxy Crazy Coaster was hilarous first time i went on it was fun second time it was later on in the day and it was going hella fast and boy was it spinning like a mofo. We hit the little dip near the end facing the side, didnt expect that. The Claw was intense and fun, some fuker put gum on the restraint and it got all over my fuking t-shirt, god i was pissed. And before the ride started i leant forward to talk to my friend and the restraint came down and smacked my in the head, and i was like 'OW' and the operator said "I told you to sit back!", woops. Music trip, which is the la bamba is a classic ride, pure fun, everyone should go on it even if it does look tame, its like a smaler faster version of the rainbow (which i hate) but with negative g's instead of lateral g's. Space drop was really intense, the drop is awesome but its the anticipation of the drop that is the scariest. They haul you up there and it is alot higher than you would expect and they sit you there for about a minute and you have no idea when it's going to drop, scary stuff. Hanglider is a tame ride thats just a change of pace, its ok, i would'nt go on it again, just spins you around and around on your stomach but when you getting in it felt like i was in some kind of space bed with a knob sticking in my 'u know what' Good show, better than last year if i do say so myself. BTW Ju-On i love your name, go Kayako!
  5. That ride is evvviiillll. I rode it once while i was at the sydney easter show this year, and it was the scariest thing i have ever been on. At first its quite fun, but then it just keeps going on and on, and BARF. I had that experiance twice where my cage was facing downwards as it came towards the floor and it hit the bottom and went flying back upwards and if i wasnt holding on so tightly i would have been knocked uncouncious cause it pushes your head foward as it goes bak up and my head was this close to smashing into the metal cage infront of me. I guess its almost mildy dangerous in a way, i wouldnt ride it again, no way in hell. Maybe its just the one at the easter show, I SAW THE LIGHT ON THE ZIPPER!
  6. Kakie

    Wild Mouse

    For the updated luna park, they've still got the wild mouse, they've refurbished it! It was made in 1959 so i think this is going to be one of the wildest mouses ever, i think its the same as the one in blackpool in england, and i hear that one is really intense. And we get the bonus of it being elevated aswell cos of it being ontop of the dogems!
  7. Kakie


    guess we'll see tommorow
  8. any news from the beach? :bert: :idea: :arrow:
  9. Kakie

    Sally Dark Ride For Wonderland?

    i don't think so about the sally dark ride, but the beach slide sounds pretty promising. If its at screamscape then its gotta be true!
  10. theres not enough time to make a new slide, i think they may just be replacing the structure, could someone email the parrk and ask wats happening?
  11. Kakie

    Thoughts on new ride for WS

    how bout a nice Giga coaster?
  12. the beach is ok, the drop slide is horrifying but the tunnel slide is just lame this was m,y face wen i got out of it, :|
  13. LMAO, can u imagine her standing outside your window at night, scraping on the glass, waiting for you to open the door, to 'let her in'. Well apart from scaring myself i think the bush beast was a great coaster, its just wonderland don't know how to maintain the ride. Is it still closed?
  14. does anyone remember the day when the bb was nice and smooth, fast, airtime packed, and SCARY. I remember riding it for the first time in early 96 (like the 1st of january) and cresting the hill, i looked to my left and saw the wooden rails bending for the drop so i closed my eyes and SCREAMED, i was nearly flung out of the thing so i avoided it for many years then i rode it again and it sucked, now all my friends love it cause they don't know good coasters and i HATE it.