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  1. Only problem is the park's inaccessibility. They can only be reached by public transport using a train and private coach with an extra $10 added onto admission. They used to have a shuttle bus for $2, strange that they got rid of that.
  2. I truly hope that if LPS closes down (and I very much hope it doesn't) that the absolutely tallest residential towers be built right in front of these stupid towers and then we'll hear them scream for the fun park back! That would be the most funniest moment and all of NSW will be laughing along with me.
  3. lol I'm confused? Which update will fix that bloody queue problem because the first one didnt. Thanks.
  4. Hi, On the Atari UK site (http://www.uk.atari.com//?pg=game_detail&productID=149), Update 2 is available. Is this the new update? Will this fix the queue problem? Can you download it even if it is the UK version? Thanks for your help!
  5. On Ten News they just said a new sports centre is being planned for Western Sydney so maybe it's not a theme park at all?
  6. Just to update this thread: here is the official text from the Easter Show site: TEN Carnival Four new rides will feature in the TEN Carnival this year at the Show. Two of these rides, the Twin Flip and the Energy Storm, have never been seen in Australia before! The Hard Rock is a family ride - a smooth, swinging and rotating movement, which giving you the feeling of freedom and space. The Energy Storm on the other hand flips the 24 riders around and turns them upside down for maximum fear-factor. The Twin Flip has just arrived in Australia from Italy and is only one of it’s kind in the S
  7. Bless Bob Carr? If I were him I would be trying to encourage theme park operators to set up in Sydney, and I wouldn't have allowed the high rise developments in the first place!
  8. Hey, are there new patches for RCT now? I've been there recently and there was only the first one available. Is there another site you get them from? Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone knows what are the four new rides coming to the easter show in Sydney this March and April. And what are your thoughts about the Carnival? Thanks.
  10. I think before they release an expansion they should fix the bugs that they have not yet fixed. The patch did nothing to help the queue problem and if no-one queues for your rides, then what's the fun of playing it?
  11. wow i went to Luna Park yesterday aswell!
  12. supersimpsons

    Sims 2

    I've got TS2, and it's really good! But ATM it keep freezes so I can't play it. :mad:
  13. yeah me too! I loved the seating in all of those shots. Where can I get these from or how do I make them? Thanks.
  14. is it me or will this park probably be a flop. I'm sure most of the development will consist of entertainment precincts and there'll only be a small area for an bona fide theme park. Also, Goulburn is pretty out there (in every respect )
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