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  1. I was planning to go back this November and ride her once again but the admission prices have more than doubled since 2008 when I was there last so I will not be going... Admission used to be 38MYR, now the cheapest ticket in I can find is 90MYR.. Is it totally ridiculous to more than double the entrance fee in 3 years ?
  2. I will be going in November 2011, thought I'd give them a good amount of time to iron out all the kinks, which it seems they have had alot of !! thanks everyone for the great detailed reviews, I will be printing these out and taking them with me to read on the way there !
  3. and there is the proof that movie world used to have The movie magic special FX show which nobody seemed to remember for sure !
  4. This is scheduled to open sometime in May along with T4 the movie and I will be there in June - EXCELLENT
  5. Well I''ll be there in October , maybe they will open a few months early for me ?!
  6. Lotte World is great , it was my local park for 2 years !but unforunately that was before the aqua coaster was built... but it is a great park, great theming and just a fun place to be.. I was there like 3 days a week for 2 years ! good times
  7. The Claw has been down for about 3 weeks now , supposedly blew a motor according to one woman , though they had a crane there yesterday and mechanics all over it and I did see them testing it later in the day so it seems to be working now ... I just find it funny that it's been 3 weeks and nobody has even bothered to post this here yet if the smoke machine isn't working on Scooby Doo or the koalas aren't swaying on the river ride in Movie World there are posts all over the place the same or next day LOL
  8. I drove past this the other day when I was going to Southport and was sure it was the one and the same, good to know I was not imagining it LOL
  9. I know Esther, I used to be in a band and we played at her place a few times at events she had on and yeah she would talk forever... she is hilarious , she would always come with these totally bizarre ideas for things that you would never see coming in a million years .. funny stuff... so is Valley View Trail Rides still open for riding ?
  10. Well my WB annual pass finished a few weeks ago so I forked out for the DW 2 year 2 park pass. Went for the first time today 15-07-08 in about 3 years. As every other time I have been I went straight in and turned left. First off as I know the mine ride has been closed for ages, it was running the last time I came to the park and luckily I went on it about 5 times then and it seems to have closed not long after that. Next thing I see the rapids ride - closed Next thing I see - the abandoned cable car station. not a good start so far - 3 out of 3 closed... went on the Giant drop, only about a 10 minute wait - not bad - and it does seem a bit faster than the previous time I went on it... I didn't bother with the log ride as it was cold and I didn't wanna get wet.. Went on the model cars which have been moved way out the back - do those things actually run on petrol ? If so, how the hell can they afford to run them ? Walked through all the animal stuff and the tigers. Didn't bother with TOT as the line was out the door, which means at least an hour or so wait judging by last time I went on it. went on the angry beaver, always loved this ride... went on the vortex a few times, the thing that really pissed me off is that as soon as it gets up to a decent speed, it starts slowing down again ?! who the hell decided that ? stupid... went on wipeout - that thing kicked my ass, seems rougher than it was a few years ago - the line was short but I wasn't gonna ride again as my shoulders were killing me ... very aptly named ! the claw was great as usual, only about 5 minutes in line , went about 3 times Watched the Australian Imax film , had a little sleep in there LOL wasted maybe 50 minutes in the line for cyclone, man that is a crap coaster, i first went on it years ago just after thunderbolt was dismantled and you could still see it sitting in the lot and it didn't seem that bad, but it was pretty rough today - still its not lethal weapon but it was not very smooth at all. one more thing whose stupid idea was it to make the dodgems so small ? when they used to be next to thunderbolt the track was much larger, or was I just smaller ? it seems so tiny now , especially compared to the MW dodgems didn't bother with motocoaster as the line was long and everyone seems to think its crap so ill save it for a day when the lines are much shorter. so all in all it was a decent day, to me it has lost alot of the atmosphere it used to have in the olden days, it just doesn't have that 'feel' for me anymore, maybe it will take some time, I don't know. for those saying it looks run down, i don't agree, everything seemed to have pretty recent coats of paint on them, but as for gold rush, they might as well demolish the whole lot, the mine ride looks like it is never coming back, the rapids ride had been totally drained of water , the cable car station has been out of action for year... just close the whole part of the park... anyway, after 1 year of movieworld and going pretty much twice a wek, i will see how DW and WWW go for the next 2 years
  11. Yeah I've been on SE a few times in light rain and I can agree - SE + rain = Pain !
  12. yes it is a monorail but is now defunct, has been for a few years now and doesn't look like it is coming back anytime...
  13. here ya go people Enjoy ! I have more pics but it won't let me post them
  14. the monster that follows you around the 2nd? U-turn is not moving as of today and there is no light on him either.... having said that there was a bit of mist on the very last dip after the jungle room.... which I have never seen before...
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