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  1. I don't understand why you're against the backwards facing row? Its not as if it does nothing, it adds a completely different experience to the ride. Just like the joker head at the top of the lift hill it's something innovative and gives the coaster it's own unique identity. They haven't really compromised anything on the operation of the ride to add this feature so what's the problem? As Gazza mentioned there's nothing wrong with going above and beyond to wow your audience. It's like complaining about the lottery giving you 2 million instead of 1.5 million. *confused look*
  2. Yes it does. Lots of light aircraft around that area
  3. I see it being similar to the front row. There's only one front row and people who are keen enough wait the extra time which is usually substantially longer. I remember last time I was at Cedar Point it was about an extra hour for the front of Millennium Force. I personally couldn't be bothered and just wanted to ride so got in the regular queue. I think the majority of people won't want to wait the extra time and just and are happy enough to ride. Also take into account this ride is going to be intense enough forwards the vast majority of people are going to be terrified of riding it bac
  4. I agree comparing Disneyland to Dreamworld is ridiculous. The biggest difference is Disneyland doesn't skimp on theming. They want full immersion as soon as you walk through the gate and they certainly achieve that. DW is light years behind Disney in theming. Also Dreamworld seems to do everything on the cheap. It honestly feels like Wonderland part II. The only money they seem to spend these days is on advertising trying to convince the gp they've got 9 of Australia's biggest thrill rides. Its disappointing because I've been visiting DW for 30 years and I remember as kid how magica
  5. Dreamworld market themselves as home of the "big 9" thrill rides. It's laughable. Imo Giant Drop is the only world class ride out the so called big 9 and I think the gp are starting to catch on and realise the best thrills are just down the highway. Movie World destroys them in ride quality. Dreamworld although much larger feels like a tired run down mish mash carnival set up. Everything feels half arsed, and if the downturn after the TRR tragedy wasn't bad enough, this new hyper will be another devastating blow. Imo Dreamworld is in real trouble
  6. Can't see it being themed to Wonder Woman. The colours don't make sense. Old school Wonder Woman's colours are bright red, blue, yellow, white. New school Wonder Woman is darker... dark red, dark blue, gold, greys, blacks. None of these colour combinations match or would make sense with an extremely dominating bright magenta track
  7. Magnum XL200. The dodgy trains, the loose lap bars, the rough and intense track. It felt like a wild mouse overdosing on steroids. Loved it
  8. Just compared this image on my phone against a piece of yet to be installed track and the colour was an exact match! Make of that what you will
  9. Not only does this comeback not really make any sense, it's so bad that it's actually funny 😂 Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George has a terrible comeback "yeah well the jerk store called and they're all out of you!"
  10. Was an attempt at some light-hearted humour. Maybe you need a Tampax, a panadol and a little lie down
  11. The trains are obviously going to be green and it's going to be called "Jokers Asylum" /thread
  12. Agreed. An RMC or even a GCI woody with heavy theming would be perfect
  13. Haven't been on this site for about 8 years but have come back to give my 2c I'm still stunned at the combine harvester a.k.a the conveyor. Im amazed riders were exposed to such a savage machinery. "What ifs" should have been discussed during the hazard identifying process. Did they even have hazard identifying/control measure inspections like at any other workplace? What if a rider hopped out onto the conveyor? What if a raft flipped on the conveyor? What if any person or anything got caught in the conveyor? Due to the lack of restraints and easy access to the conveyor these si
  14. ^Yep, Goliath's double helix is that bad. I had read stories about it but thought they had slowed it down. There's a mid-course brake run just before you dive down into it which slows the train down almost to a stop, but I still 'greyed out' - so did my girlfriend sitting next to me and so did the dude in front of us who ended up puking in the bamboo garden . Was a pretty insane experience gradually losing your vision until there is only grey. Was kind of like turning down a dimmer switch. Another half second and I would have been out cold! Oh, and I may be exaggerating slightly about Tats
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