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Improve RCT3 Quality

Guest hasslekid

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Guest hasslekid

I was playing around with the control panel in RCT3 and I manged to make the game a little less tacky, run faster, and have a greater quality image. Open the demo and open 'Controls' Click the tab that looks like an eye, you'll see lots of bars. Completely fill all bars, in both Detail Level and Draw Distance by pulling the green accros it. Do this also for Scenery Visabilty Alpha and change screen resolution to (even if it isn't) to 1024 x 768. Click on the tab that looks like a mountain at select the two unchecked boxes at top of list (Grow Grass, 3D Trees and Plants). I thought it would severly slow the game down, but it didn't. When using CoasterCam the people didn't flick on and off, when you scroll out the supports, rails and the people remain (miniturised, obviously) and the image is much cleaner. It might not work for you, but heck, give it a try.

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Well, After playing the full version I was pissed of to the fact, that the Demo ran better than the full version. But after playing around and setting all of the settings on High, the game ran faster! Allot better and more smooth. I think there IS still some hefty bugs in this game! Damm you Atari, and all your people. Screammachine

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