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  1. Well its been a while since i've posted a new post.. I went to Canobie lake park today.. What to say. Its a nice park. Good scenery and a sorta vintage feel to it. Its got 2 Major Rollercoasters. The Corkscrew and the Yankee Canonball which is a Wooden Rollercoasters. Their both not very thrilling but quite entertaining. I can't wait to finish camp and go to Six Flags in NJ. Aparenltly Kingda Ka is closed due to safety reasons. I will post more about my travels as camp finish. I got this informations from the campers at my camp who live in the area... Screammachine
  2. I went to the Dubbo Show last year. Some crazy rides and carnies they had over there! **shiver** Screammachine
  3. And just to think that I will be on this baby in a few months! ahhhhhhhhhhhh thanks for the info Invert... screammachine
  4. On another note. Much to my shock after watching BB '05 last night. I work with Gineva. I had like no idea she was going into the house. She's a nice girl but a complete pain in the ass. Screammachine
  5. I've been on the old Space Mountain in Paris and I deffinately agree by looking at photos of its counterparts the one in Paris is much better looking. I was also lucky enough to go on Indiana Jones before it decided to go backwards! hehehe screammachine
  6. Hello All!! Just got back from my trip to Central Coast & then the EasterShow. I'm soooo tired!ZzZzZz Eastershow was good. Same old, Same Old. Cheap showbags with lollies that taste stale and some which have expiry dates dating back too '83.... Hello Ozshowkid. Yes the man had makeup on and a beard I think. He kept following us and scaring the Bejesus out of me like you wouldnt believe! Went on the new rides. Nothing special really, although quite fun.. Going again on Fri. Well it wont cost me a dime to get in so why not! Screammchine
  7. I remember riding at last years EasterShow and the year before. Ok now dont laugh but as soon as you reach the top of the hill you turn into this dark room. And some Random grabbed my head. I just remember screamin like a woman and I felt very embarrased. Now c'mon what would any other person doo?? This "man" appears again in the ride creating the universal studios "Jurassic Park T-REX part of the ride" effect just before you drop down. Its a good ride, but you have to ride it at night to add to effect. Dont go on the Ghost Train with Freddy Kruger poppin out of a barrel on the outside. No
  8. Thats exactly why its my favourite flat ride. Its intense but a FUN ride to go on. And its so random you dont know whats happening next! My opinion is that the ride is painfull. The seats are made out of some type of plastic or whatever and its really unfomfertable when you go upside down. The restrains wernt really comfertable either. It will be a fun ride if they fix up those errors. Screammachine
  9. I can't wait for the show! Should be good fun. I'm going on the extreme teusday thingy! My fav rides there would have to be The Claw, The Spinning Wildmouse thingy and heaps of others! Happy EASTER!! Screammachine
  10. I can't wait for the show! Should be good fun. I'm going on the extreme teuday thingy! My fav rides there would have to be The Claw, The Spinning Wildmouse thingy and heaps of others! Happy EASTER!! Screammachine
  11. If I'm correct this would be the same Model seen on the LunaPark History Video. The snippets that I have seen looks amazing. It would be good if you could make it look like the original! Good on ya Screammachine
  12. OH No!!! Dont you say that and Jinx the whole thing!! Actually I could imagen something like Journey to atlantis with the whole mountain thing going at the old thunderbolt site.. Screammachine
  13. So it seem like the mummy is a good coaster! I can't wait!!!! Ones I've been on were... Space Mountain - Euro Disney Black hole - Alton Towers Odysee - That indoor shopping complex in Malaysia (bit rough) The Mine Coaster at Dreamworld & Scooby Dooooooo Screammachine
  14. So the Maximum hight for the ride is only 30m???? Does the top hat invert like on Mr.Freeze??? Or will it be just a normal top hat like on Xcelerator??? If so its not really that high according to todays standards of thrill rides! Other than that, its a new coaster so i'm not Complaining! Thats all! Screammchine
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