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When would it be a good time to visit the Gold Coast parks in 2023?


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Hello everyone!

I am planning to go to the Gold Coast in 2023. I come from Bendigo, Victoria so cannot go often. This is my third time going to the GC parks, me going before in March 2015 and August 2022. However, I am planning to go again in 2023. The question is, when? I don't want to go before June (dont want to risk SE/DD/BS/DCR/WWF being closed) and will be willing to drop Scooby as it is closed. I also cannot go during September because I am going to Thailand. I am also going with another person who doesn't want to go during November and December due to the heat. So it leaves July, August and October. I am hoping to go in the latter as most rides are open as well as Fright Nights.

Could you give me some suggestions? Thanks.

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We went from the 15th-22nd October last year. We did the Dreamworld Halloween experience on the 15th (Saturday) when we arrived, and did Horror Nights on the following Friday, the night before we went home.

There wasn't all that much that was closed during our visit; there was about a week or two between things opening/closing for maintenance.

GL/SS/DCR/SE/WWW/DD/SDSC all open at Movieworld (the odd unplanned outages for the usual suspects however)

SC/JR/Vortex all open at Seaworld (Trident/Levi not opened yet)

MC/GC/ST/SV/TS/Claw/SW/EFM all open (I think Tailspin and GD were the only closed ride during our visit).

We bought an annual pass for DW (it was cheaper when factoring the Halloween ticket), and we'll probably get another visit in this year sometime) and a 7 day 4-park pass for VTRP. We just park-hopped around based on what we felt like doing during our visit.

Make a priority list of the rides you want to go on, put them on a calendar as far as their maintenance is concerned, pick the times to go when they're available (noting that these times can unfortunately change).

Book your accommodation early as I found it was pretty much selling out a few months before our arrival time; we held off on a hotel booking we liked and missed out months early, had to book somewhere else instead.

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