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Dreamworld TR: 23/7/05

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I arrived at 9:30 at dreamworld with the sky looking a bit overcast. As soon as I got in to the park I headed for Wipeout. My first reaction was Ooops. It seemed the ride had broken down during a test run at a strange and twisted location. 9:35 lined up for Cyclone. Before 10am i had 5 rides. Just sat on the train for the whole time due to no lines. 10:00- Lined up for thunder river rapids 7 min waits each time. Came off drenched everytime. New theming looks nice. Went on 3 times. Giant Drop 20 min line. Still needs a themeing upgrade badly. Went to Central Cafe for a early lunch. 11:40 Joined Cyclone queue (wipeout still broken) The Cyclone was a bit rough. Vibrating Floor broken and LCD panels showing nothing but the Sony DVD logo. SHOCK... CYCLONE HAD A GOOD CAPACITY DESPITE WIPEOUT BEING BROKEN! 12:20 joined reptar queue line and waited 10 mins. When finally got on halfway up the lift it stalled with me on it. Waited 30 mins untill maintenance re-set the ride. Got free large Drink and Chips. After this I went on the Mine Ride (35 min queue) and Claw (15 min line) Claw is nice and smooth. Mine ride has a bad LPG smell as you go up the lift hill and makes me feel dizzy because of this. Then I went to wipeout to see if it was working only to be told it won't be working today. Lined Up for Cyclone and got On by 2:20 After this I went on Reptar again before riding TRR twice. Then went on Cyclone and TOT and went home at 5:05. Also did a few sideshow games throughout the day. Cyclone: approx 25 min wait themeing needs upgrading 6/10 Mine Ride: approx 35 min wait. Get rid of LPG smell 7/10 Giant Drop: approx 30 min wait: needs theming changes 6/10 Claw: approx: 20 min wait Smooth Exhilarating ride 9/10 Tower Of Terror: approx 1 hr wait: laking theming rather boring as its over so quick. 4/10 Reptar: approx 15 min wait. Alot smoother and the brakes aren't as harsh any more. Overall fun ride. Had 4 ops making loading time quicker 8/10 Thunder River: approx: 5 min wait. New theming is great along with the single riders line. 8/10 Overall Rating: 6/10 (averaged the ride ratings)

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I went to Dreamworld on Friday and the Wipeout wasn't working either - it was stuck up in the air at an odd angle as if it just stopped during a test run. It opened again at about 1pm but I didn't go on it since I wanted to have a ride on TOT before I left to head over to Movie World for a couple of hours where I had much more fun than I did at Dreamworld. I was actually surprised how busy Dreamworld was for a Friday but Movie World didn't have very long queues if any at all, partly because it was raining. Riding Lethal Weapon in the rain was quite fun (I got more wet on that then WWF), especially in the front row and I wasn't left with the headaches I recieved from it when I had last gone to Movie World, although once after riding my eye was stinging from the amount of water I had got in the face dripping off the row in front of me. A building near the fountain was starting to rise for Superman but I couldn't figure out what it would be for (maybe a station) and I tried looking into the big shed which had been partly opened up but it didn't look as though much had been done.

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