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Prison Break Live - Adelaide Show

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PRISON BREAK - LIVE! is seeking talented actors and performers for their new attraction coming to the Royal Adelaide Show Lynton V Harris & The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company are the world's leading producers of live, scary, interactive entertainment. The company has been producing live spectaculars and interactive theatrical attractions for nearly 15 years, and its unique productions have scared and thrilled over 10 million people in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Sudden Impact! has created multi-million dollar arena shows at Madison Square Garden in New York and toured Hollywood movie attractions across the globe. Now, they are bringing the smash hit TV show, PRISON BREAK, to life at the 2007 Royal Adelaide Show and you can be a part of it! PRISON BREAK - LIVE! is seeking male and female performers for exciting and challenging roles. Performers need to be: Talented Energetic Enthusiastic Exuberant Responsible AUDITION DATE: Wednesday August 22 22-24 Unley Road, UNLEY To schedule your audition please forward your resume and head-shot by email: info@prisonbreaklive.com or call 08 8411 4101 Applicants must be over 18 years of age and must be available from September 1 for paid rehearsals and performances until September 15. PRISON BREAK - LIVE! will open September 7 at the Royal Adelaide Show

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Guest RustyAngel73

It's coming back to this years show. I wasn't interested in going in it last year but have since watched Prison Break and absolutely am obsessed with it. I'm totally excited to go in it this year, but whats it like? Can somebody describe it to me? Also, will I **** my pants and die :-P I scare easily, not when I'm watching movies/tv, but in real life.

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Is this one anything like the one at LPS? I went to the one at LPS this year sometime and it was well... Ok imagine walking around a batting cage at night,strobe lights going off and every now and then a few guys in a white shirt jump out at you, then add an air raid siren going off...

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