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  1. I refuse to go on the Reef Diver, it just looks like something that would turn me into a right mess! That and the Wipeout.. Never will I set foot on that ride.
  2. I'd recommend you going on the Tower of Terror over The Claw any day. I often tend to feel a little queasy after the Claw, but with ToT I could go on 10 times in a row and not feel a thing. And as for your comment about how high the ToT goes.. If you didn't look at it beforehand, you'd honestly have no idea how high you go. Anyway, let us know how you go when you do ride, the first time on a ride is always the most memorable, for me anyway!
  3. Next time you're at Dreamworld, you most definitely should go on ToT. My mum is scared of heights and most rides as well, but she considers ToT one of her favourites. The height factor isn't a problem for her because you don't really even know how high you are (unless you look behind you, or next to you if you're seated at the side). And you can always close your eyes if it all becomes too much, because the ride is literally over in seconds and you're back in the station, so next time you really should give it ago.
  4. Sad to admit.. 4 times. Everytime I've been up to the Gold Coast and gone to MV, there's always been mechanical troubles, but at least I've managed to be in the front seats, back seats and round the middle too.
  5. I had always been scared of heights, but I made a deal to ride the Giant Drop by some friends of mine, and I'm so glad I did. I had conquered my fear in a matter of seconds. You'll be kicking yourself if you don't go on it, it's a great rush, and the feeling is indescribable, dropping metres in seconds, it's just a really fun ride. And of course, if you get too scared you can just close your eyes and it will be over within a minute!
  6. I went to WnW and WWW in May last year, and it was pretty chilly around that time, but I can safely say that I enjoyed myself a lot at both parks. No lines whatsoever, and if you can get over the cold and you can race fast enough to each ride without freezing yourself to the bone, it's really fun. Even better when it starts bucketing down and you just float around the wave pool, with the whole pool to yourself.
  7. I have to admit, I'm quite pleased about that, I've always been paranoid about those harnesses.
  8. ^ahh, good point. but still, instead of having everything fenced off and looking ugly, just do SOMETHING with the area. and the musical fountain is on the top floor that is open to the public, right near outside myer. well, i'm assuming its the musical fountain.
  9. bringing up this topic again, as i found more traces of the late dazzeland recently. on the highest floor that is open to the public there is a dazzeland sign when you exit myer, which i think could have been easily removed but instead its left there, confusing anyone. also, a musical fountain was mentioned earlier in the topic, and i found the very one last week.. it has no water in it, so my friends and it sat in it, and inside there was a little note stuck in there saying 'the secret fountain' so, i'm just assuming its the same one. it's ridiculous though, dazzeland has been closed for wh
  10. ^or Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. the good ol' days.
  11. I hate to bring up old topics, but today I went up to the top storey of the myer centre, and there was an old shop that was boarded up, but at the top it said "dazzeland coffee shop". sure, its meaningless, but I was pretty interested to see it, seeing as dazzeland has been closed for years and they still have that sign up.
  12. I voted floorless, but it was a tough choice between floorless and flying, either one would be an awesome new addition.
  13. I bawled my eyes out when I went on it at the age of about 6, and then next time I went to MW was when I was 9, and it had closed. I would like to go on it again though.
  14. I have a few pictures of the BD that I took today, I still have to upload them, so I'll post them later.
  15. Went to the royal show today, two of my friends went on 'extreme speed g-force' or whatever its called, which is the same as Insanity. I was too much of a chicken to go on it. But I did go on: The Big Dipper. - It was pretty good, went on that one twice The Crazy Coaster. - Just for a bit of fun, but its actually not that good anyway. Hangover. - God. That ride is just.. not for me. I felt like I was literally falling out of my seat, those harnesses were so loose.
  16. Id recommend riding it in the morning, at lunch time and then when its almost closing time. I only managed to get on it 3 times when I was there last, due to breakdowns, but you should be able to get on more.
  17. A friend of a friend was at the show when that happened, and was ironically riding the power surge when the power went out, and was stuck on it for half an hour. Its so Adelaide though, reading other articles, there was no emergency plan, which is so reassuring.
  18. ^I'm pumped for the big dipper. Im dont have too high expectations, I just hope it will be a bit of fun. Looks like the first night of the show is going EXTREMELY well. Blackout causes Royal Show crowd chaos: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0...5006301,00.html A friend of a friend was at the show when that happened, and was ironically riding the power surge when the power went out, and was stuck on it for half an hour.
  19. hey there, I'm from Adelaide too, and just watched a video here http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/ that had recordings from on Insanity, Slingshot and the Big Dipper.
  20. You could probably do scooby, but there isnt really much point as its dark for most of it.
  21. I havent been stuck on it, but i was at the park when a friend got stuck. I think it was because of it not aligning properly with the sensors, as the floor didnt rise.
  22. ^That was pretty much it. But being with my friend, who was so scared, made it even better for me.
  23. I went on it last year at the Adelaide Show, it was hilarious, and was pretty freaky too.
  24. You dont know for sure if channel 7 or 9 is going to get it, so maybe i think the saying 'you need to get your facts straight' applies to you as well. And it was actually axed, so yes it is cancelled.
  25. Whoops. I didnt even realise. And I think an admin/mod edited the title, because I think I put it as 27th or something.
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