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  1. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Most times I walked past it over the holidays there was someone getting a picture either of or with it...
  2. Movie World's New Website

    Thought I would try this out with my 5yo son who is 118cm tall (so 115cm min height) Results show... But... HSD Experience... All Star Tour...
  3. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Nah I'm saying stop trying to prove whose pianist is bigger as you are both talking about different parts of the same damn thing... @Skeeta - You are correct the DD did not open with carpet... @AlexB - Is correct that coloured squares have always been on the carpet... Can we get back onto the topic? Heard today that a few of the changes that came into place back in November have reverted back as we are now outside a peak (school holiday) period. Unsure if this means we will see returns next holidays and unsure exactly what changes they are talking about as I only spent 90 mins in park earlier today.
  4. I could use my knowledge and background as a claims officer for an insurance company here but just go see my response in this other topic...
  5. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Does it matter which one of these two gentleman is bigger? No because they both play their own parts and don't get caught up in what the other is doing since both are playing similar although slightly different parts of the same piece of music...
  6. Tops Myer Centre Brisbane Dragon Coaster

    It was... The structure behind the head was shorter and a different shape though...
  7. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    They are really pushing to increase their digital footprint... My wife went to Guest Services yesterday to commend Paul on his interactions with our (sometimes difficult) son at JDS... They thanked her and gave her a card with their facebook, instagram, etc details and asked her if she could post it online...
  8. Seat size on Hypercoaster

    With the Hypercoaster... Pushing down on the tubing that comes around and into the sides of the lap restraint gives you more leverage over the harness system... As someone who has been too large for almost every ride in the gold coast theme parks... You go in knowing there is the possibility that you may not fit... Is it embarrassing as hell when it happens? Yes... But if you can remember that it is for your own safety that you cannot ride and not an attack on you as a person it's not nearly as bad... In my case it was due to medications, surgery and 4 months of bed rest (lack of being able to exercise) that I went from 90kg up to 140kg... It took me 5 years to be able to once again fit into every ride at MW but I'll be damned if on every trip to the park I didn't check to see how close I was to being able to ride and celebrated that little bit when I could add a ride back into my trips... But I always requested to be placed towards the back of the ride in case I had to disembark due to harness not being able to close...
  9. Accident at Wet'n'wild - here we go again

    How do you know there was an accident? Someone could have not been drinking enough water and collapsed due to dehydration... Big issue with people at the parkz...
  10. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    There have been a whole bunch of random street entertainers over the school holidays. The firemen were good for the fact they were spraying water and cool air on hot days. They were not the weirdest by far...
  11. Fright Night they stopped admitting people between 9 and 9:30 to ensure no rides were operating after 10pm as per the above information.
  12. Dreamworld - 2017 Log Ride reopening

    I was more thinking about how it wont let water fly up and over the riders and instead hit it and then proceed to drip on them all the way to the offload... And then continue on the new riders at loading... That and the curved perspex narrowing the suns rays onto the people riding or the empty seats focusing it into a single line along the boat increasing the sun damage along the seats... But I'm sure these are all things they thought about before putting them in place...
  13. Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    Similar rides, different year... 1. DC Rivals Reverse 2. DC Rivals 3. VR Arkham Asylum 4. Superman Escape 5. Arkham Asylum 6. Green Lantern 7. Jet Rescue 8. Storm 9... 10...
  14. DC Rivals was between 75 and 90 minute waits all day... Scooby Castle was full and using the outdoor switchbacks as was JL3D...
  15. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Everything they are doing is a trial... I guess if they get enough positive feedback about it then they will continue it...