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Yeah, I went there march last year. The old Magic mountain looked cooler as a kid (Compared to the pretty terrible building it is in now), and as a bonus had the pedal monorail. But I mean its pretty much the same stuff, so it is good in a sense that they have freshened up the offerings, though apart from the raft slide, i think the old slides were better (They were the only things I went on). Some photos I took of the place are here: http://www.parkz.com.au/photo/AU/Glenelg/T...he_Slides_.html

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As reported on Adelaide's Channel 10 News tonight; the Beach House has gone into receivership after not meeting operational expectations. One main factor, is the new ferris wheel which hasn't operated since installation, due to it not meeting Australian design standards. It is anticipated the wheel will be operational by the end of next month. The Beach House will continue to trade, especially leading into the school holidays, with operators confident, a new operator will be found.

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One main factor, is the new ferris wheel which hasn't operated since installation, due to it not meeting Australian design standards. It is anticipated the wheel will be operational by the end of next month.
Haha, I forgot to post my thoughts on the wheel (I was back in Adelaide for a couple of days, and had a free afternoon, I wanted to go on the new tram, and saw the opportunity to finish off that gallery hence me heading back...didn't go on anything though) Anyway, I thought the wheel looked stupid. The Beachouse itself is pretty modern looking, but the wheel looks silly, with cabins that look like something you'd find in a kinder suprise, with garish and tacky patterns on them. What's worse is that its on the opposite side of the complex to the beach, and height wise is not even taller than the trees in the park. It would've been better if they had gone for the larger model to give decent views, and had just used plain cabins with more refined colours. I see understand why the park is having issues. One big thing missing IMO is the lack of an all day wristband, You are basically limited to spending credits on individual rides, or buying packages with set numbers on certain rides...I mean one of the things on offer is a "Super Deal" for $45, and with that you still dont get to go on all the rides, and you only get 5 goes down the water slides. The closest thing they have to unlimited are 2 hour time cards, but these only run 9am-11am or 5pm-7pm on weekends. These sorts of offers would do nothing to encourage people to hang around for a day or part thereof and do other stuff. Personally, I also think that if they were building a new centre they should have used the opportunity to be more adventurous, as all of the rides just tread over very familiar ground. I have said this in the past, but I think the waterslides were a big missed opportunity, the surge in the popularity of water park development suggests the numbers must add up for operators, so given that they could have made them the focal point of the complex (as was the case with Magic Mountain) I think they could have done just one of each of the major slide types (One bowl, one body, one high speed, one inner tube, one family cloverleaf slide, one tornado alley)...no need to duplicate because the capacity requirements aren't as high. All of a sudden the place is more marketable as its more of a waterpark now, and it becomes something more revistable, particularly in the summer months.
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