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Sea World in NRMA commercial

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I don't think this is going to generate much discussion, but I just thought I would point out that Sea World is featuring in a new NRMA commercial. For those who haven't seen it yet, basically it is an NRMA guy pulling over to provide assistance to people - A guy bringing newspapers into a newsagency by the bundle, A couple trying to set up a tent at a camp site, A family struggling with luggage outside a travelodge, and then diving into Dolphin Cove and launching into the air with two dolphins? Now the travelodge and sea world appears to be a bit of a shameless cross-promotion. The travelodge kinda ties in with him providing "roadside assistance" and "h-e-l-p", and they spend a few seconds on JUST the travelodge logo. They spend a few seconds on the Sea World logo as well, but I don't see a tie-in with a guy being launched into the air by two dolphins as being anything to do with the commercial's catch phrase of "here to help". I mean its always good to get the parks exposure - the more people go, the more money the park has to spend on improving the park, but it seems like a subliminal message to go to queensland, stay at travelodge, and visit sea world....? (and buy a local newspaper about a guy who killed himself trying to set up a tent at a local campsite) Open for Discussion...

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I did see no point for him to go to dolphin cove and be launched into the air. And the guy seems too helpful. "I'll help this guy, I'll help that lady, I'll help this guy struggling with a simple dome tent, ow then I'll go to SeaWorld, jump into the dolphin pool and be launched into the air perfectly and then go home"

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