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  1. I saw a poster about the program at Uni last year and it seemed quite interesting. I wasn't able to go to the meeting about it because I had a lecture or something on which was annoying. Do you have to study a subject while you are over there?
  2. So does this mean we might be getting a LEGOLAND!? Also because Village Roadshow are selling their Sydney attractions hopefully they will put it up on the Gold Coast. It's been a life long dream for me to go to a LEGOLAND. Fingers crossed!
  3. Are they water spraying things on outside of the slide? (The things that kind of look like stethoscopes). If they are, would they provide all of the water to the slide?
  4. The ride I will never go on again is the Reef Diver, that thing is way scarier and more sickening than the TOT and The Claw put together. As soon as it began tilting up I felt sick and it seems like it's never going to end, meanwhile all of the children in the other seats were loving it. My friends and I vowed to never go on it again, one of my mates was green afterwards. If you can survive the Reef Diver you can survive The Claw.
  5. Not to scare you off The Claw, but you do lose your stomach quite a lot. Whenever you "experience zero gravity" at the peak of each swing, but that's the best bit! It is like a pirate ship ride on steroids. I also have a fear of heights, the TOT comes nowhere near the Giant Drop in terms of being scared by the height. As revolutionx said, you don't really notice the height unless you look to the side. I think you should go on the TOT first, it would be less likely to make you sick. The first time I went on it I was freaking out, but as soon as it started I didn't want it to stop.
  6. 1 - Superman Escape 2 - Giant Drop 3 - Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster 4 - The Claw 5 - Tower of Terror 6 - Wild West Falls 7 - Bat Wing SpaceShot 8 - Surf Rider 9 - Bermuda Triangle 10 - Super Tubes HydroCoaster
  7. I did work experience at Dreamworld in October 2007 and it was amazing. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the industry. I was 17 when I did the work experience. My NSW School offered work experience in Year 10 and I did an Entertainment course for Years 11 and 12 which required work experience. So I think any age from 15 or 16 upwards would be fine. I had to find my own way up there, but I didn’t enquire about any free transport options. I’m pretty sure they don’t take any work experience kids in the holidays as that would be peak season. If you have the chance to do work
  8. PS3 I have stuck with Playstation from the begining. I have a Playstation, PS2, PSP, and PS3 and have had no trouble with any. Although if you are in the middle of the never ending fued between Xbox and Playstation, read up on both, way up the pros and cons, look at the game range and the features. Good Game on ABC2 is on at 9.00pm on Mondays, it is good show for looking at the different consoles, however the hosts are quite annoying. You can also go on the website and download Podcasts.
  9. They did use the lifts back in the day. I suppose the lifts increased que time and needed more staff.
  10. I have been stuck on the claw when it didn't align properly. There are two sensors in the ditch and underneath the pendulum. Each time the pendulum swings past it registers on the computer. When the ride is ending and the sensors don't line up the Claw then becomes a carousel as Spotty said. Also when I was on work placement, the hydrocoaster needed to be tested. I got to go on it five time in total and the first four times the slide checkers and I got stuck at the top of the last hill. The slide checkers have the best job. A different experience was the Reef Diver. Now this may seem a bit l
  11. i've seen it breakdown once. The seatbelt in one of the cars broke off.
  12. I did see no point for him to go to dolphin cove and be launched into the air. And the guy seems too helpful. "I'll help this guy, I'll help that lady, I'll help this guy struggling with a simple dome tent, ow then I'll go to SeaWorld, jump into the dolphin pool and be launched into the air perfectly and then go home"
  13. Has anyone else noticed the poor quality speakers all around Dreamworld (excluding the Motocoaster), compared to the BOSE speakers at WetnWild, Dreamworld's speakers make it painful to listen to music while waiting in ques.
  14. I also have both expansions the are great as there is heaps more stuff to do, but, Gazza's idea for a 'Waterpark Tycoon' would be great as 'Soaked' only has about 5 or 6 types of water slides.
  15. Yeah. I went in the back of it, through the big wooden doors, and I didn't realise where we were until i looked up and saw the Mine Ride's track. It looked really cool. There are tubes of fake rock everywhere. Anthony, the man I was with, showed me how they get the trains on and off the main track. I asked him if Dreamworld was ever going to fix it and he said Yes without saying the actual word Yes.
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