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Back to the future the ride

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here we go again..... a quick youtube search shows: YouTube Search Results A google search shows: BTTF Internal shot Dude, we've had this discussion before. When asking for photos, particularly of theme parks, you have to remember that there are literally MILLIONS of people who pass through the gates of every theme park in the world. Now if just 1000 of those have cameras (and thats pretty low, considering more than 90% would take a camera). And if just 100 of those use facebook, youtube, flickr, or visit this or other park style fan sites, then there would be hundreds of photos of every park, ride, attraction, shop, statue and sign in every theme park in every country across the world. For future reference, before you start an entire thread, asking for photos of batman adventure, back to the future, or any other ride, just try the following: Step 1: GOOGLE IT Step 2: YOUTUBE IT Step 3: Search FACEBOOK for groups dedicated to that particular ride or attraction. Chances are there'll be some Step 4: If steps 1 through 3 don't work, see step 5. Step 5: go to step 1 hope that helps.

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