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Cables Waterski Park Penrith

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Was having a chat to my Hubby on the weekend, and he mentioned that on a forum for the Penrith Panthers (our footy team) the reopening of Cables had been mentioned... Naturally I thought he was full of it, but I was curious and googled it... he wasn't kidding according to this article. http://www.westernweekender.com.au/index.p...view&id=956 Here's hoping it's true - I always wanted to try it when I was a kid.

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Further to my post above, I was bored on the weekend (after being cooped up for 3 days with a nasty chest infection) and went for a drive out to Cables. It's still very closed, and it doesn't look like a whole lot has been done yet, though there was a newish looking tractor in there. The place still looks like it belongs in a bad 70's summer camp/horror movie.

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We used to ski and wakeboard down there at least 3 times a week. We knew some of the staff so generally got in anytime they were open. It was good to practise on a controlled circuit before competitions, but the problem was there wasn't a "wake". The place was a little behind the times, but really, there isn't a better way for them to do what they do- you need the matting and rubber, althoughthe buildings could do with being spruced up I suppose. I only hope they bring in a different pricing system. Used to have to pay by the hour, and if the place was busy, you'd be lucky to hook on 4 times in the hour.

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