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Great Lake Theme Park (RCT3)

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So, me and a few others have started an rct3 park. It's hopefully going to be a very large and ongoing project. I was wondering if you guys would want full, story outlined updates or just random pictures? Let me know, here's the story. The year is 1986. A company named KTT Entertainment has purchased over 200 acres of land just outside of Muskegon, MI. Located off of the Highway 31, the park named "Great Lake Theme Park" is planned to be one of the country's leading amusement parks. Hey guys, I was just doing some snooping around, and I found out that they're in the process on building a new park just outside of Muskegon, only about 15 minutes from where I live! Hopefully this new park will provide some decent competition for the nearby Deer Park Funland. I'll try my best to keep you guys updated! N07Ii.jpg A look at the ticket booths for the park, with the turnstyle building just behind it. vZhcg.jpg Construction has officially begun on the other side of the turnstyle building. Park goers will be engulfed in rich foliage and an enchanting main street. I'm really excited! I've heard rumours that the park will open sometime in 1988. I still don't know what this park will be home to though, or what will make it so special. I'm hoping for a looping rollercoaster. It'd be great to have one so close to home. Catch you later! So, anyone interested? You want more like that? Just the pics? Or should I not bother? -Keegs

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^I never bother with construction pics, too much work ;D So as the summer of 1986 begins, work continues on main street. 3 buildings have now gone up, although I'm not quite sure what's inside for now. IpzMw.jpg The 3 complete buildings. M5JH4.jpg The planters are spread with beautiful coloured flowers. 7kdLU.jpg Looks like a new roof has gone up on the turnstyle building. DSNvx.jpg The park awaits its new signs to stand proud at the entrance. That wraps up today's update! Cya soon!

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