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  1. righty

    Superman escape review thread

    Great Review!! Its good to get a decent discription of it all for someone like me stuck in S.A and it will be a while before i get to ride the sucker! I wish we had a park here i would take any park!!!
  2. righty

    New Magic Mountain for Glenelg

    Wow that new one looks so ugly. sure the old one didnt look the greatest.. i think this new one looks like it will age very badly once the slides start leaking.. colours fade.. ew. its still going to be an eye sore. a whole heap of water slide tubes really dosnt fit with the area anymore.
  3. righty


    Dazzeland was the best that adelaide ever had.. sure it was targeted at children.. it was the top 2 floors of the myer centre.. the bottom floor being mainly an arcade but also had a carousel.. water gun thing where you would shoot the water guns at things and stuff would happen.. i also remember a musical fountain.. i think that it was on this floor too.. but the top floor was where all the major rides were.. jazz junction.. the dodgems.. the giant indoor playground.. a plane ride.. helicopter ride.. a train that weeved around the top floor.. also went through a spooky tunnel (well it was for me when i was younger!) but one of the best thing about dazzeland was the themeing it was great!! the top two floors of the myer centre always seemed like a totally different place.. with people riding fish hanging from the roof.. rabbits with glowing red eyes popping their head out of the roof and freaky dark trees.. i think their faces moved.. im not to sure about that though. But realistally.. a place like dazzeland could never last in adelaide.. they started off with a token type system where a ride would cost so many tokens.. and then near when it closed i think it was like $5 or $10 for unlimited rides on any ride in a day.. they had arm bands so they could keep track of you. if only the we still had dazzle land.. some time last year they repainted the whole inside of the myer centre.. sad.. its now just painted different shades of white and all the colour is gone.. its now just another generic mall.. with the top two floors that were once dazzleland are now a gym.
  4. righty

    DisneyLand Possible SE QLD??!!

    Adelaide would be a great place for a themepark.. cheap land, close to cbd airport.. and i dont think a small local population would really matter for a disney park.. its all about the tourist both disney resorts in america wernt really in high pop locations where they were built.. but adelaide would never get it for lots of reasons.. its adelaide (:S), not the best weather, really bad transport system.. the local goverment wouldnt help much.. the list goes on. If you wanted to build a disney park in SA build it in the riverland! It has sunshine more days a year than the goldcoast.. land will be super cheap because of the vineyards and citrus farmers going broke and its on a major highway... but all this will never happen My vote is that queensland will most likely get it.. sydney maybe.. and melbourne never. that is if disney ever decided to build a park in australia.
  5. Adelaide: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1998 and 1997. Go the Adelaide Show! Country Shows: Gawler Show 2001, 2002 Eudunda Show 1987-2002
  6. righty

    Wiggles World coming to Dreamworld

    Why does dreamworld need two kids areas? the parks not that big! Does this mean a wiggles themed coaster... The Wiggles:Big Red Coaster?
  7. A big brother themed land would be a horrible idea! The theming would end up just being so tacky! What a Big Brother themed wild mouse ride that goes through "the house"?
  8. righty

    Nintendo DS

    i got my ds on thursday and im really happy with it !! i got mario 64 DS
  9. righty

    "Disney standard" theming

    hasnt Dreamworld already got a (insert brand name here) Cyclone that blows and sucks? and has bad airflow
  10. righty

    Massive Dreamworld Expansion

    so from the discussion so far... Dreamworld will expand into Egypt and have a new rollercoaster that goes through the pyramids. or are people just getting offtopic?
  11. righty

    Superman: Ride of steel

    i had nothing better to do so i did that.. isnt it great and stuff
  12. righty

    Superman: Ride of steel

  13. Royal Adelaide Show Crazy Coaster Mad Mouse Dreamworld TOT Reptar Cyclone Eureka Mine Ride Seaworld Corkscrew MovieWorld Leathal Weapon Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster Roadrunner
  14. righty

    Sydney's Newest Theme Park

    Would ASIO Land be the area with all the kiddy rides in it?
  15. righty

    S.A parks?

    I dont think there is much left from the Adelaide one as they have repainted the whole inside of the building, but last time i went to one of the upper floors just outside of myer was a dazzeland themed water fountain with instruments spurting out water but that was a couple of years ago so that might be gone now too.