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  1. A Large B&M sitdown coaster. Come to think of it they should have brought Led Zeplin, The Ride, From hard rock park. They would have got it dirt cheap. Its a nice ride with on ride Audio on the trains so they could do something with that.
  2. ^ I guess Vekoma Motorbike coater. Ha Ha Zane
  3. I don't what it is as long as it's opening before my trip over in December then ill be happy. Zane
  4. A couple of the coasters at KBF feature in the opening credits of Knocked Up.
  5. For the Record those wait time boards have also been installed at Seaworld and Wet 'n' Wild
  6. I Love the Japanese!
  7. I vote they should get a looping roller coaster.
  8. Thank You Pattie for posting those photos.
  9. Hi Everybody I was in Surfers Paradise the other day and they have now put up a HUGE!!! Banner advertising that this is coming soon also at the theater there is now construction going on over there with walls now up saying something like Pardon our mess while were making Dracula's More exciting. Dose anybody know what is going on over there? Zane "Look's like a good Year For Drac's" Williams
  10. Thats Awesome Ill have to Tell dad
  11. ^ Best Repsonse ever Zane "i want to bew a ninja" Williams
  12. Thanks Richard i was wondering this a few weeks ago myself. Zane "Must be something about the name" Williams
  13. ^ Did i show you the video of my borther and his mate on the Slingshot? Timezone is awesome heaps and heaps of games as well as bumper cars () and minigolf its really fun spent most of my spending money there.\ Zane
  14. I Like Bluewater Bay as well. Zane