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  1. Thats awespme! Thanks for sharing mate!
  2. Hahaha! Good Call! But seriously though, if you're not interested in the topic then why bother reading it in the first place?
  3. Why the heck is my post like cut in half or something?
  4. Right, so at 10am my friends and I got to Lidcombe Station, we made our way to the Sprint Platform and got on the train to the Olympic Park. We got to the show at around 10:30 It wasn't really packed at the Show yesterday, well not as much as it was on Sunday. So my friends and I entered the show, we walked around for a bit to check out what was new. After that we bought ride tickets and went on a few rides. My friend and I only paid $20 each for the Sling Shot because we were "Early Bird" riders. Rides we went on were (in order that we went on) Sling Shot: My friend and I were were the on
  5. I'm going this Thursday. If anyone wants to meet up then email me or contact me BEFORE Thursday. My email address is in my Profile.
  6. I think DW wouldnt even think about wasting money on another drop ride.
  7. Oh you'll be surprised to see how intelligent I really am. I'm just not as intelligent as some of you guys when it comes to Roller Coasters.
  8. Note that I was being sarcastic.
  9. Mickey - how did you do this? Im interested xD
  10. Urgh - Easter Show is SOOO expensive! $300 there would last me like 30minutes
  11. The FreeFall slides turned my boardshorts into a G-String Did them once and NEVER again...
  12. I doubt it's true. But you never know. As Gazza said, anyone can edit Wikipedia. Heck...I found an article about someone eating cats
  13. I think they should just keep the Cartoon Network area and make an entire new kid's area. So people can have both - Cartoon Network Beach and Sesame Street.
  14. PattieBoi

    Bush Beast

    It took me about 30 minutes to make this track. It's not very accurate though and I have lost the file as I reformatted my laptop. I will be working on a new one today and will post it when I get the chance.
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