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  1. It’s now part of WhiteWater Worlds theming, because Dreamworld are too scared to operate it.. Something funky must have gone on for it to have gotten stuck there!
  2. And to think there are people who would pay for that experience!
  3. Honestly it’s no wonder the park is dead, they haven’t done anything since TRR to bring the guests back. Sure a lot of have returned to support the park, but that support wears thin when it’s clear Ardent don’t give a rats. It is incredibly sad to see the park as it is right now, and Ardent only have themselves to blame. Here’s what they need to do in my mind to help pull themselves out of this hole they have dug for themselves (ardent you are free to use any of these ideas Royalty Free). Open Skyvoyager pronto, and explain why the delay has occurred, get out there and really sell the experience. Tell the public what your plans are for the old Goldrush sure, be upfront about what’s going on in the park right now, and be as graphic as possible. Spend a bit of money and get an artist to draw up some plans. Commit to building a kick arse Rollercoaster, something Dreamworld has been lacking since Superman Escape came to town. People love and miss the old Dreamworld, so bring back the little and cheap but important experiences like the steam train, barbershop quartet, but hey how about you go full hog here and do a little Dreamworld history museum, they would have enough stuff in their archives to show some stuff off in a small room, or heck a big room like the old brock museum. Last but not least, they should be doing everything they can to keep attractions open. The train closure is a stupid one, because the attraction is closed for the first 5 months of the year due to the tractor being a pos, the park should be doing everything they can to keep it running, get the Baldwin back in steam, or worst case use the simplex diesel. The train is an important attraction for the park, yet also an easy one to run and problem solve, if they can’t keep it running then there is no hope. For the park to survive any further, they need to stop playing the “feel sorry for us” game and actually give people a reason to visit. People aren’t visiting because the Dreamworld today isn’t any better than what Dreamworld was like in 2016, infact with all the ride closures it is a much worse park right now than just before TRR.
  4. It used to be that the claw always had a short seat belt, but the drop was longer. If the claw and drop now have even shorter seatbelts, where does that leave TOT and Supermans seatbelt? Have they been changed to the shorter length?
  5. Sorry Evie but the tractor is the issue this time. The train is not closed because of the track being an issue. Yes the track has issues but it is “fine”.. Glad you agree though that the tractor is pile of junk!
  6. Let’s also not forget there is no reason for anyone to enter that building. The brock cars are gone, and the cyclone is closed. With the recent closures and cut backs it makes sense to close that shop and the car racing game.
  7. Holy poop, well the tractor is certainly dead hey judging by that. Time for tractor reef, and maybe Dreamworld should focus on getting the steam train running again, or even the little Diesel engine they have so they can provide something to the guests. What a fail!
  8. The idea of an impressive show has only died for those who look at the money. The problem with both Ardent and Village is you have bean counters calling the shots, and there is no one creative directing the show. Just because HSD is 10 times cheaper to run than a proper stunt show like PASS doesn't mean that should be the reasoning that they go the cheap route. At Dreamworld, yes running a Steam Train is more expensive than running the diesel that replaced it (and no we won't go into that one finance wise), but someone who was thinking about the park and guest experience wouldn't have let it happen, not just because of the history behind the trains, but the guest experience and value they added to said experience. This is the problem with the Australian industry at the moment, TRR is just a scape goat that Ardent and Village are using.
  9. Well we can only hope so, it has been removed from the website, so any guest would assume likewise that it is gone.
  10. Nothing says spooky like Ikea White Furniture.. In all seriousness though, probably just an event, calm the panic stations people.
  11. Parkway was closed the other day when we were visiting the park, assumed it was a cost cutting feature for mid-week, never thought it was closing for good. A shame really, the Parkway served much nicer quality theme park food than what was served inside the park.
  12. Im sorry but what has made anyone think that Sky Voyager was ever going to have a different experience every ride? Every installation of this ride type that I am aware of is only 1 film that shows every ride, so why would Dreamworlds film be any different? If the film and experience is any good, then it doesn’t need to be different each ride, a good experience will mean you will want to re-ride. The reduced operating hours thing, it’s not the first time Dreamworld have done it, and it won’t be the last time. With the lower attendance at the moment it’s not a bad idea if it saves some coin. Finally, does WWW need to be open year round? I personally don’t see any need or reason apart from looking after staff, but if keen they can I’m sure be moved elsewhere during the slower months.
  13. Ding ding ding, we have a winner! It’s the perfect plan really, I mean who’s going to complain that a ride is down for maintenance when the response can be “well, look at Thunder river rapids”. It’s the perfect opportunity to hide operating cost cutting really.
  14. You do know that the location has been moved because the train is a POS that is broken, and hence no one was able to see it? Maybe Dreamworld need to find the small amount of money required to get the steam train running in the tractors absense. Regardless though, I don’t see how any of this discussion relates to Skyvoyager?
  15. Tractor reef sounds promising, finally something to give Ray Reef a run for its money!
  16. Let’s sink it! Create an artificial reef for the turtles and eels.. Im sure if Dreamworld said “we want it back, here’s $XXX” Woodford would have to consider the $XXX value on offer if they really wanted the loco back. But you are right, there’s heaps of reliable diesel options, including steam outline look available that would be cheaper to maintain and run than what is destined to be Dreamworlds newest attraction, tractor reef...
  17. How about Dreamworld just return the steam train to regular service, because they were 1 million times^ more reliable than the shitty diesel that replaced it. There isn’t anything wrong with the train as an attraction, it should be the parks most reliable attraction, it’s just not because ardent management tried to skimp on running costs when in actual fact they had a very good thing running when they were running the steam engines. Here are the options 1 - Throw away or sink the tractor in the river, and run the the Baldwin steam loco that is sitting in the shed wasting away. Meanwhile get the Perry back and spend the money to fix it up and go 100% steam again. 2 - Purchase a new diesel locomotive from a company who’s resume doesn’t involve building bumper cars. There’s many options out there for a reliable steam look diesel powered train. Throw away or dump in the river the Tractor. Run the Baldwin steam locomotive in peak times. 3 - Throw the tractor in the bin (or sink it in the river) and run the Simplex diesel on non peak times and the Baldwin steam loco during peak periods. Note whilst each option is different, they all have 2 common parts to them. The diesel they bought to replace the reliable steam operation was a POS before it even hit the tracks, and now it’s biting them in the backside quite literally. It’s really unacceptable from a guest point of view. I could go on, but let’s be truthful, closing the train should not be an option on anyone’s radar. If it is, they have fucking rocks in their head! Ardent have caused this problem themselves, and now more than ever they need to swollow that bitter pill and admit it was a mistake. ^Calculations are correct Umm you do realise rusty rails aren’t a bad thing right? Otherwise if it was every train trip in the world would be a death trap waiting to happen. The train carriage condition is only cosmetic, nothing a lick of paint or some smart thinking to avoid graffiti cant fix. You really have no idea what you are on about.
  18. Original post was posted by a group called Passing Time. PCL shared the post.
  19. You mean more amusement rides? I find it funny how butt hurt you get over the tiniest dig at Adventure World. Even if you classed AW as a higher class park (say an action park) it doesn’t change the fact that a park like Sea World has much higher power consumption requirements compared to Adventure World, so its like comparing apples with vomit.
  20. Well you see that’s the difference between a water park and a theme park...
  21. I guess it’s hard to rob a train when the train is broken half the time...
  22. The rail in some places is approx 100 year old as well. They are not doing trackwork, thats all I will say.
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