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  1. T-bone walks into Sea World and sees the future site for Wipeout.
  2. That’s one nice cinder block building they have there!
  3. Rip out log ride? You mad bro! Spend some money to fix it technically and then spend a little bit more to give it some new pizaz. It doesn’t have to be Splash Mountain quality, or even WWF, but as an opening day attraction that is so simple to run, it deserves to keep running and extra love, just like the steam tr... oh wait..
  4. Agree, don’t see the issue with Sea Jellies, so if it was a real issue then wow what an over-reaction.
  5. From all reports, Greg is a good guy, but he is also the COO, and a very hands on COO at that. I’d say the change in operations (ie increase in efficiency) is certainly related to the management shuffle, which saw Mr Yong get given a spot at the top. The place has had a major management clear out, and with said clear out comes new methods and ideas. Ironic that for the first time in what seems like 2 centuries Dreamworld is being congratulated for its operations, where as the joint down the road is being laughed at... yes this is all a dream right?
  6. If my memory serves me correct, the reason I was told they stopped the steam effect was dropping hot drops of water on riders as opposed to just steam. It was an actual steam effect and not just fog juice. I do remember getting hit in the face with the water drops a few times towards the end of it, so the story made sense.
  7. The pre-existing rolling gate is still there which shuts off the pathway. Likewise the fencing looks to be of a gate like construction, so in events where the train is not running, it can be closed off so it stops people from exploring. I remember a time when gates weren’t needed, people obeyed the footpaths. Those times are sadly no more.
  8. Just like the gates at Main Street. It’s a poorly conceived idea. That said this is the 3rd installation of this type of crossing gate now at the park, so they seem to be the flavour of the month (or years). Its an ok idea for a low traffic path, but high traffic.. Wonder if we will ever see the steam train return...
  9. When they installed the Ill fated Dreamworld tv system, (which does it even operate anymore as intended) they removed the sound effects as the tv in the queue line took over the speakers for its audio output. It’s good to see this little feature return.
  10. Respectfully disagree with the suit. Yes he’s a theme park exec, but the his message would have a greater impact if he showed he was a normal person wearing normal or less formal clothing. The glasses is a big one as well, he comes across as too cool for school, or dare I say it the Mob leader working against the dolphins.
  11. People might be a little more willing to feel sorry for him if he wasn’t wearing a suave looking suit, and glasses, so you could actually read his eyes.
  12. Bluey is a popular Australian ABC character, it’s no surprise to see them capitalise on it.
  13. That was the intent I understand. I haven’t seen them.
  14. There is a new Sky Voyager Pre Show and Safety Video which I understand was put into service yesterday. Jordan is also correct, the Sky Voyager shop has been walled off, looks permanent. Whilst it looked cool, its a good move, I never saw anyone in there buying anything.
  15. Surprised no one noticed the new videos in the Sky Voyager queue..
  16. For me, pacific park at Santa Monica Pier in 2009.
  17. There's "Good", and then theres Good! The Themeing for the entrance is "Good", just like Ghost Train Themeing is "Good"..
  18. 100% forgot about that thread. Thanks for linking Whombex!
  19. How awesome! Hey @Jdude95 check out these golden photos!
  20. Doesn’t matter how much of a DW or Disney fan, if you ride one then ride the other, there will be a feeling of disappointment in what we got. That said, don’t compare, instead appreciate what we have got, and you’ll be fine. Sky Voyager is a fantastic ride, and we are very lucky to have something like it in our backyard.
  21. So that’s why they count it as being in Rocky Hollow...
  22. It’s great to see Magic Mountain still running. It’s a quaint little park. Jobe I had to double take when you advised that the Blyton Group now own the park. The guy who owns that group was my the owner of the radio station I used to work for. Surprised to see him venture into the amusement business.
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