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  1. I'm surprised that people don't seem to be very excited about this. I think it will be an excellent addition to the park and a very solid attraction. If Movie World were to add in maybe two more thrill rides (although that probably won't happen for a while) after this addition then they would be easily above Dreamworld in thrills as well as everything else. Certainly looking forward to december.
  2. Not the general public though. Most people can't seem to get enough of Dreamworld no matter how mediocre there 60-100$ day is.
  3. I'm getting so sick of conversations similar to those above. Can we please stick to bloody topic? Normally I'd be excited about something like this, however I really have come to expect so much less from Dreamworld of late. I think I'll be supporting Warner Village from now on...
  4. A million bucks for a show ride? I doubt it. Especially looking at the Zipper....I'm never riding that thing. Shouldn't this be in General Thrills?
  5. Yeah we were pretty annoyed at that too when we felt like going back to enjoy some of the rooms.
  6. Either way, it was an unschedueld stop during the ride. I also went on Vomitron twice in a row, as well as walked into a Glass Wall on Infinity.
  7. I've been up at the coast lately for a couple of days, staying at Crowne Plaza at surfers, and we ended up going to Inifinity and the Vomitron, and I also stopped at Dreamworld shortly today on the way home. I'd already been on the Vomitron before during the day, so it really wasn't too bad for me, but let me say that if you're going to ride it, go at night, it definitely is much better. It's a great ride, only $15 for a about a minute or two, and they knock $5 off the price on your second ride. I'd already been to Inifinity as well, and it really was a bit of a ripoff the second time around
  8. By the time the park is finished it will no longer be the coldest part of the year.
  9. Uh, for some reason when I try to watch the SE video, as I click on the link it just takes me to another page with no video.
  10. No-one said it was going to be a coaster. Also, I think, considering Dreamworlds latest rides, it's much more likely to be an intamin soaker, if it is even going to be one. I'd say most parks would be looking to stay away from vekoma from now on, even if they are cheaper, quality pays out in the long run. Considering how little we've heard, only a few months from the opening date, I wouldn't expect it to be anything too big, seeing as most of the time there is a press release even before construction starts. Can we all please think about things a bit more before jumping to conclusions, it's
  11. Some of us only have 73gb drives alright.
  12. I got rid of RCT3 after I realised how much space it was taking up. Pity.
  13. Mw are probably going to need a few more rides/coasters before they'll seriously have a shot at DW's ride crown I think.
  14. I won't becoming Richo, half from not being able to get there, half from being too lazy to get the money. I'd be interested to meet up in April though Liam.
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