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    The Off Topic Topic

    1. Green Lantern has had extended maintenance period? 2. Rivals is about to go down for it's first major maintenance?
  2. Skeeta

    The Off Topic Topic

    Dreamworld management need a pat on the back.
  3. Skeeta

    Fright Nights 2018

    Or you could read @themagician post. 😊
  4. Skeeta

    Fright Nights 2018

    General Manager of Sea World Resort and Waterpark since December 2011. In July 2014, was also given the position of General Manager of Sea World Theme Park. Recently promoted to Executive GM for Village Roadshow Theme Parks. Ok, I was a year behind. New thoughts- Stupid.
  5. Skeeta

    Fright Nights 2018

    Either way I don't understand why the GM of SW is teasing about MW. SW have a lot of problems that require his immediate attention.
  6. More or less when I compare DW to other Theme Parks in the world, DW has nothing exciting. Flight simulators are great attractions and I have never heard somebody getting off one saying “I didn’t like that”. If Brogent Technologies make a solid flight simulator than this ride will be the number 1 ride at DW by a long shot. In my book of theories and workings of the world I-Ride has the potential to get into the top 5 of Australian attractions. One problem for DW will be the ability to sell it to the public. If I was DW I wouldn’t sell it as a simulator because when I think of past simulators in Australia, I think of bumpy sweat boxes.
  7. Very sad times @Roachiewhen instead of getting excited for a new attraction we are all apprehensive on what DW will deliver.
  8. I like the idea of a grand theatre/cinema theme. I would like a preshow that ran from the birth of cinema all the way up to I-Ride. A bit of a history lesson but portrayed in a fun way. Who wouldn’t want to watch Charlie Chaplin clips while they waited?😊
  9. I'm not a nostalgic type. The same reasons people want to keep the buildings is the same reasons why people wanted to keep Eureka and Eureka was a whole load of rubbish tips put together. Let’s be clear here, I’m not calling for the buildings to be demolished. If DW had a better design or idea I wouldn’t jump up and down is all I am saying. Some people here are saying they don’t want the facades modified simply because of old memories but I like to create new memories. I would be most happy if another company came in, closed DW for 5 years, bulldozed the lot and started from scratch with a new theme park.
  10. I couldn't give a hoot if DW removed all of Disney style facades. John Longhurst original DW died the day he sold it. When you sell a house and can’t expect the new owners to keep it the way you had it. If you want that to happen, you don’t sell it. 30 years ago, it was fine to rip off Disney designs because nobody travelled to America but now every second person has been to Disney. DW shouldn’t be reminding guest of their trips to Disney when they visit because when you start comparing DW to Disney you realise DW is truly a dump. Unlike 30 years ago DW doesn’t only compete with Australian parks but now competes with parks in Asia, America and Europe. I do have a but- DW don’t have a clear plan/idea on what DW is. For example, MW has lost many of their great original attractions over the years and DC is the “in thing” no matter where you are in the park it still feels and looks like MW. The changes to the buildings over the last 10 years is a disgrace. DW has become the home reno from hell and that is what I give a hoot about. If DW removed every building I wouldn’t jump up and if they replaced it with something better. DW clearly don’t have anything better and for some strange reason only known to DW are intent on degrading what they already have. You don’t buy a Ferrari and put roof rakes on it.
  11. Skeeta

    The Off Topic Topic

    In theory, a carefully-controlled coke habit need not necessarily reduce lifespan. But in practice, coke addicts have a habit of dying. For a comparable coke to poweraid investigation into early death rate you should snort both for better results.
  12. Skeeta

    Theme Parks during Ekka

    Every time I've been it has been dead.
  13. Skeeta

    USA Group Tour 2019 - Putting Feelers Out

    @ambe_bambeI have a tent I can rent to you if you need to lower cost.
  14. Guest should be allowed to drink the soft drink straight from the tap. Better for the environment, no cups required and Village could save a penny on cups.
  15. No @themagician they couldn’t put the door in the middle and the façade has nothing to do with the fire separation issues DW had. That doesn’t let DW of the hook from turning it into unspeakable ugliness.
  16. Not true due to the National Construction Code building requirements for distances between fire sources.
  17. Major changes on the way for amusement ride safety Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace has announced the Palaszczuk Government will set world-class safety standards for the theme park and amusement ride industry. “Nothing is more important than the safety of Queensland families and visitors to our great state,” Ms Grace said. “We are absolutely committed to doing all we can to provide the highest safety standards and public confidence when it comes to rides at carnivals, school fairs and our major theme parks. Ms Grace said Queensland’s Amusement Device Working Group, made up of industry stakeholders, will today receive the draft Work Health and Safety (Amusement Devices – Public Safety) Amendment Regulation 2018 as part of ongoing consultation. “This signals the final stages of the development of these important reforms,” she said. “Importantly, the Coroner overseeing the Dreamworld Inquest will also be provided with a copy of the proposed regulation changes and will also be consulted.” Ms Grace said the proposed regulatory changes centre around four key areas: Mandatory requirements for ride operators to be fully-trained and competent Mandatory major inspections of all amusement and theme park rides Major theme parks to develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated safety management system Additional record keeping through detailed log books. “Mandatory training and competency requirements will mean every amusement and theme park ride in Queensland will be operated by a person who has been properly trained and assessed as competent,” Ms Grace said. “This means amusement rides at our big theme parks right down to a local show or fairs will be subject to major and comprehensive inspections every ten years, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.” Ms Grace said these inspections may involve completely stripping down a ride to ensure its integrity, including the removal of paint and grease. “These mandatory checks will be on top of our existing inspection and testing regime, which includes annual inspections and regular maintenance inspections,” she said. Ms Grace said Queensland’s major theme parks will also be required to develop a comprehensive and integrated plan for managing safety. “These plans will detail every aspect of park safety, from ride inspection details, to training of operators, to detailed risk assessments, to emergency plans and everything in between,” she said. Engineers and specialist WHSQ inspectors will routinely audit the major theme parks against these comprehensive plans, along with other legislative and regulatory requirements. Amusement ride owners travelling around the show circuit and school fairs will also be required to keep detailed individual ride log books, that must include: The name of trained ride operators and training details Major inspections details of the ride, including results of the inspection and what repairs have been made Any statutory notices issued by WHSQ in relation to the ride. These changes will ensure this important information is readily accessible to WHSQ Inspectors, engineers who audit agricultural shows, and organisers of school fairs and local shows. Ms Grace said the Queensland Government would also consider the development of a code of practice, to support the regulations. “The code of practice may include provisions relating to training delivery, identification cards for ride operators and publicly displayed certificates on rides,” she said. “The regulations are expected to be in place by the end of the year, or as soon as practically possible.” Ms Grace said today’s announcement coincides with WHSQ’s annual audit of amusement rides at Queensland’s biggest show – the Ekka. “Before and during the 141st Royal Queensland Show, WHSQ will work closely with the RNA, ride operators and their representatives. This will include a full audit of all 34 rides at the Ekka,” she said. “Shortly after that carnival leaves town, the attention turns to yet another comprehensive audit of the major theme parks – the third in as many years.” Between 20 August and 21 September 2018, the theme parks will be audited by WHSQ and Electrical Safety Office inspectors to enforce compliance with workplace laws in Queensland.
  18. Side note for second photo we still haven't confirmed this area is for I-Ride. O ye, of little faith. Shit stop that thought, this is DW.😀
  19. Skeeta

    Traveling fairs!

    Safety officers have been doing final checks of all of the rides that will operate at this years Ekka. (at least for the cameras anyway. </sarcasm)
  20. I can't work out what the point of paint stripping is. If a pipe is rusting on the outside it will blemish the paint and you see it. If a pipe is rusting on the inside you won’t see it even with removing the paint.
  21. I've been saying it for years @Spotty but even I thought I was crazy.
  22. Skeeta

    Gold Coast show 2018

    @Spotty was he Showmens Guide the company that supplied the show years ago?