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  1. With this being discussed about in most topics and construction starting soon it might be time to for its own topic. We all know TopGolf is going to take up a lot of land but where will this baby go. From what information we have out there, I believe that TopGolf Australia will be based on the one located in Las Vegas. To get this topic going I have scaled the images together using AutoCAD and tried to position it into likely locations. This is the location I think some people think it will go. Only thought I have on this one is why fence the swamp if you're going to need to pull it down again. This options makes some sense to me but is does mean the number 1 filming tank needs to relocated and it’s not your everyday backyard pool. On the flip side, removing the filming tank could open up the whole area up to MW. Overflow car park. This could be why MW is planning a new car park. I would think MW would want the new car park finished first before any constructed happened in this area. MW saying construction to start this year might be referring to constructing the car park in readiness to resume the current overflow car park. Which leaves current area behind AOS. We know a new show is coming and maybe MW have new plans for the animals. In this location I can still see 6 stables left for MW to use. Maybe AOS new show will only need half the amount of animals in it. @AlexB can I have an image of the new sound stage. This could all be undone by its location.
  2. True, 😀 @themeparkaddict you should know better than to speculate before Parkz has a chance to catch up and speculate themselves. 😋 Going by @Roachie guidebook your speculation is wrong and Parkz is correct @themeparkaddict
  3. Parkz is right when they assume? Now I'm really lost.
  4. Skeeta

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    @joz They could fix the show by serving alcohol similar to a ball game. How nice would it be to sit in the stand with a cold one in hand?
  5. Skeeta

    Parkway to sell mexican food?

    Dw really need to play some background music within this new restaurant. I'm voting for wrap music. @AlexB On another note I'm nacho friend anymore. You know you are a Mexican when you are too short to go on rides at DW.
  6. Running to DW right now to buy a season pass. I have never been so excited.
  7. Skeeta

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    Which is what I said. "This mindset might have been triggered from your first interactions of the day". Title should read: BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE MAKES LITTLE THINGS GLARINGLY OBVIOUS. 😀 The non-interaction from staff members personally doesn’t get me upset but if I felt a staff member was being purposely rude to me than that would upset me. Of late when I’ve been at a theme parks, I’ve been taking off my enthusiast hat because for me, I have found it is taking the fun out of the parks. I also find being staff being over friendly fake & creeps me out. (Example is the fun patrol at DW) I shouldn’t need somebody at a park to tell me to have fun.
  8. Skeeta

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    At this point in time it wouldn't surprise me if DW installed this attraction from LoveLand and called it the best in the world.
  9. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Hotdog stand

    The attachment you have posted doesn’t say anything more than “adventures With JWord said. It also doesn’t confirm anything because it has no source. If you wrote I found this on the DW web site about the hotdog stand, we wouldn’t have to scratch our heads. You might know what your posting but nobody on Parkz can read your mind. Saying “DW thrill rides” means nothing either. Saying DW web page “DW thrill rides” isn’t working. Would be helpful to the community. As I said what you are thinking is what you need to tell us.
  10. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Hotdog stand

    You are posting a lot of shit.
  11. Skeeta

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    I "HATE" attraction that are in essence, murals painted on walls.
  12. Skeeta

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    Fair shake of the sauce bottle, no crime was committed and I'm not blaming MickeyD. I didn't say it was he fault for any of the issues. He said "Next up DC Rivals. Wow what a Coaster. 99% probably wouldn't notice this but the wall on the Exit side of the Station is already weathered. Cheap job no doubt that will bite back in another season or two". I'm saying he noticed it because he was the 1% looking for it.
  13. Skeeta

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    To me it looks like you went to MW with the mindset of looking for problems. This mindset might have been triggered from your first interactions of the day. It's very easy to find problems with anything when you are actively seeking it out. I do agree the items you have listed are problems, but I don’t go to theme parks to talk to ticket both operators. I also don’t go to theme parks to make friends with the person loading me onto a ride. If you what to go to a theme park that checks every lightbulb nightly your expectations are too high @MickeyD.
  14. I understand the problems you're having @Theosie "but" yes I have a but. You can't expect MW to cater for every dietary requirement that a person may or may not have. That’s why MW say if you have a dietary requirement you can bring your own food. Sit back and enjoy skeet’s example time: My daughter is allergic to peanuts. To the point if somebody who’s handled peanuts hours before they rode Road Runner Roller Coaster and my daughter rode afterwards, it would end up with me administrating her with an EpiPen injection and a ride in the back of an ambulance. What does MW do to protect my child and themselves from my child having a reaction from entering the park. They tell me if my child has allergies to bring my own food because MW can’t guarantee to me that somewhere along the line the food hasn’t come into contact with peanuts. For MW to cater for daughter’s dietary requirement MW would have to remove all other food from the park. “All other food, Skeeta gone mad again” probably but the next time you go to the shop read the allergy label on the product and 90% of products say may contain peanuts or may have come in contact with peanuts. 88% of the time there is no chance that product would contain traces of peanuts, but they say it to protect themselves. I’m sorry the plain bread roll can’t be on the menu. My daughter can’t eat a bread roll made from a bakery because bakeries handle peanuts in some of their products can cross contaminant the bread roll. There is so many different dietary requirements that MW could never cater for everyone.
  15. You can't go wrong with the Big Mick 😀 @AlexB For the kiddies McDowellls is the restaurant from the movie "Coming to America". Some sandwich bars in America are known to convert to McDowell's for Halloween.
  16. Interesting when you check how the trademark is going you see this. Not knowing how trademark application works I can only assume Ardent has cancelled the application.
  17. Skeeta

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    The photos look old to me also. If somebody knows how to get information off the photo correctly it would be a help. I'm getting But skeet doesn’t know what his doing.
  18. Not to offend the Japanese’s any further with your "English" modern Haiku poem I have written a Hailu poem of my own in the tongue of the Japanese’s. どのように私は単語に合うのですか および音節の数 良い俳句のために Is WnW currently expanding to any other countries?
  19. I'm sorry, I only acknowledge traditionally Haiku poetry with 17 syllable counts.
  20. Skeeta

    Big Banana & The Coffs Harbour Bypass

    I agree Alex. Removing some traffic out of the town will make Coffs more pleasant to visit. Whenever I have driven through Coffs it’s been a traffic nightmare and all I've wanted to do is get out of Coffs as quick as I can. Kingscliff and Hasting Point are great places to visit now because of bypass roads.
  21. Maybe you had a disconnect between brain and fingers moment. 😀 I missed your intent too. I don't know why people are disputing which park is better. The Riptide Sydney looks exactly like Typhoon Haikou. Wet N Wild did such a great job in cloning the park that I can't spot the differences. </sarcasm> Riptide Sydney Typhoon Haikou