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  1. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Maybe they will play a documentary on why SW is lacking in rides.
  2. With this being discussed about in most topics and construction starting soon it might be time to for its own topic. We all know TopGolf is going to take up a lot of land but where will this baby go. From what information we have out there, I believe that TopGolf Australia will be based on the one located in Las Vegas. To get this topic going I have scaled the images together using AutoCAD and tried to position it into likely locations. This is the location I think some people think it will go. Only thought I have on this one is why fence the swamp if you're going to need to pull it down again. This options makes some sense to me but is does mean the number 1 filming tank needs to relocated and it’s not your everyday backyard pool. On the flip side, removing the filming tank could open up the whole area up to MW. Overflow car park. This could be why MW is planning a new car park. I would think MW would want the new car park finished first before any constructed happened in this area. MW saying construction to start this year might be referring to constructing the car park in readiness to resume the current overflow car park. Which leaves current area behind AOS. We know a new show is coming and maybe MW have new plans for the animals. In this location I can still see 6 stables left for MW to use. Maybe AOS new show will only need half the amount of animals in it. @AlexB can I have an image of the new sound stage. This could all be undone by its location.
  3. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    What are SW TV's for?
  4. Adventure World - History (80s & 90s)

    Thanks Alex the kid. That is funny
  5. Adventure World - History (80s & 90s)

    @djrappa Where does it say unemployed?
  6. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Sounds like you have your hand on something. Don't forget to mention it can be used to brush Brachiosaurus teeth.
  7. Eureka Mountain replacement dark ride

    I agree. I'm not the biggest fan of building a wild mouse and covering it up. Covering a WM destroys the switchback (unbanked turns) element of the ride. Removing the ground line takes away the feeling you are going to fall off the edge. One of the reasons Skeeta was happy to see Eureka removed and not covered in a tin can was the fear this feeling of falling off the mountain would be killed off. SDSC top switchback section would be better if a couple of the unbanked turns exited the shed. Not seeing the ground takes away from the element. Personal if DW are going down the Dark Ride coaster track, DW shouldn't take on MW's wild mouse. A coaster like Supernova at World Expo 88 would be a good starting point for a Dark Ride family coaster.
  8. Eureka Mountain replacement dark ride

    I don't think it's been scrapped. I think “bring on the new dark ride” is premature though.
  9. Eureka Mountain replacement dark ride

    My first thought was an upcharge when DW switched to I-Ride. I don't believe this to be the case but the thought did cross between ones ears. @Richard I don't think DW will be spending the whole capital either. I'm only pointing out that it could be a reduced capital from originally planned that DW might have left for a dark ride.
  10. Eureka Mountain replacement dark ride

    I believe a dark is only on a wish list. One must also consider the talk about the dark ride was before the change to the I-Ride and until very recently, before the increase to the I-Ride capacity. Somebody else can do the sums here: 25 Million to spend Flyover Australia $00.00 Dark Ride $00.00 WWW expansion $00.00 Flyover Canada cost U$16 Million. The capital outlay covered the cost to build a new 60-seat theatre that includes a 20-metre diameter screen. It also covered production costs for the exhibits. Flyover America U$20 Million. Both FOC & FOA are built in existing malls but I don't know if new buildings were built or how much of this money was spent on renovating the buildings to fit the I-ride. According to Wikipedia & Parkz SDSC cost 13 Million and this is coming up to 16 years ago. In today’s market it would cost 18,806,441.12. Don’t forget MW already had a shed to work with.
  11. 1st DW changes to I-Ride 2nd DW increase capacity 3rd ? Seems like Parkz has a secret admirer.
  12. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    @Locke I've been over all 300+ objections and not one is almost identical. The get out of my town campaign has done a very good job. Jabree Ltd who work for the traditional owners of the land have had to submit a letter to Town Planing to tell them that the project has not received compliance with the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003. For DW it was seven years in the making for Corroboree. Corroboree was created in consultation with indigenous language groups and people from throughout Australia and the Torres Strait Islands who shared their intimate knowledge of native culture, storytelling, artwork and relationship with the surrounding environment. DW worked with the Indigenous community ( Yugambeh people who are the traditional owners) and DW didn't do anything that wasn't approved by them. Uluru was always a pie in the sky. All the signs are there that this company doesn't know what it's doing. What percentage now remains a theme park and what percentage is now residential? Rejuvenation of existing wetland areas, which the company says say will mitigate the risk of exacerbated flood levels only deals with the water on the mentioned site. What about the water that overflows of the site and floods on the other side of Nerang-Broadbeach Rd. Where does that water go? Why did you remove the picture?
  13. Let's be honest about Topgolf

    Topic that might jolt the old memory @Brad2912
  14. Let's be honest about Topgolf

    I never said other offerings discussions outshined TG discussions. All I'm pointing out is as in history shows once it's built we will talk less about it. I'm very concerned what a room full of Parkz drunkards would look like.
  15. Let's be honest about Topgolf

    All the offerings you listed have received plenty of mentions. (search Buggy in Parkz and see for yourself) We certainly talk less now about the offerings you listed but we also talk less now about Rivals then a year ago and the same thing will happen a year after TG opens.
  16. Let's be honest about Topgolf

    I still can't find why theme park enthusiast can't do things outside of theme parks together. Last years PCL event at MW ended at Time Zone and this year it's Top Golf. Once the theme parks close are we all meant to say our goodbyes and hurry home before we change into werewolfs?
  17. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    Ha-ha Garuda GC Corporation Pty Ltd, Queensland Airports Limited & Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce have all written an identical submission for support for the development. It is almost like somebody is telling them what to say. 14 February 2018 Assessment Manager Council of the City of Gold Coast PO Box 5042 Gold Coast MC QLD 9729 E: Dear Sir / Madam, RE: DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION MCU 201700907 (PN219775/13/DA6) – AUSTRALIAN LEGEND WORLD, 4 LAKEVIEW DRIVE, NERANG I wish to lodge a letter of support for the Songcheng (Australia) Development Pty Ltd Development Application for a Preliminary Approval for a Material Change of Use, City of Gold Coast Reference No:- 201700907. I strongly support this project, which will provide the following significant benefits to the Gold Coast:- •Attract additional visitation to the Gold Coast for both international and domestic tourists. •Provide a unique experience for visitors which will likely lead to longer stays. •Increase tourism related expenditure on the Gold Coast •Construction expenditure impacts of $400 million direct and $420 million indirect during the two year construction period, that will continue to see significant investment flowing into and throughout the city’s economy. •The creation of over 620 jobs on-site and 1,000 jobs off-site during the post Commonwealth Games construction period. •Attraction of a network of new local businesses to support the ongoing requirements of the project. • will complement the existing social and cultural offerings of the city for residents and visitors alike and result in additional world-class social and cultural infrastructure. •It will complement the facilities at the existing sports and entertainment precinct at Carrara. I acknowledge that further technical investigations are required to be undertaken by Songcheng and its project team as is the standard case for a Preliminary Approval process, however the massive potential benefits of this project not only to the Gold Coast, but the entire south-east Queensland region necessitate Council’s approval of the development application to give Songcheng the confidence to continue to invest in this city and undertake this additional work in accordance with the planning process. I think Songcheng thought Gold Coast City Council development approvals are approved once to get the Mayor to dance.
  18. AW Nights 2018

    That's because NSW has too many rabbits. We need to build the wall to stop the rabbits. For the kids there'll be face painting, balloon shapes and of course Dragon's Kingdom's own Yarli, Yarlotte and Flossy will be there too. Adrenaline rush more your thing? Take on our thrill rides.... in the dark. All of our rides, slides and attractions including Goliath, Abyss and Kraken will be operational (excluding the Aussie Wildlife Experience). If all the fun makes you peckish #AWeathappy at Adventure World's cafes and kiosks. Serving up a variety of fresh and tasty offerings from family feasts and salads, to share platters and delicious desserts. Vegetarian and Gluten Free options are available too. You can also purchase barista made coffee and for those 18+ we have a selection of locally brewed beers from Gauge Roads, Ciders, Wines, Spirits and Cocktails to enjoy.
  19. Let's be honest about Topgolf

    You probably the best person to answer your own question. Q1 isn't a theme park and you've posted about it. Lego store is only a store outside of a theme park. I find loads of theme park nuts try many different fun things, outside of theme parks.
  20. AW Nights 2018

    My Flamingos is superior. The extra key you push reduces the time you can spend on other things in life. They're 2 hours behind us because that’s how long it takes for WA people to catch onto what’s going down. It has nothing to do with the sun.
  21. AW Nights 2018

    You are correct to be excited. AW have Flamingos lined up. We'll bring the fancy fairy lights and flamingos, you kick back, relax and enjoy all the AWesome of Adventure World - at night!
  22. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    Flooding is one of many arguments this group has. 1. Flooding & Emergency Evacuation 2. Building Heights & Visual Character 3. Density of the development 4. Impact on Amenity 5. Environmental Issues 6. Access – traffic 7. Major earthworks 8. Economic issues
  23. I'm glad you didn't say alcohol, ladies of the night & crack aren't essentials.
  24. Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    HaHaHa. That proves my theory of “if you don’t drink coffee you might as well ride kid’s coasters”.