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  1. Yeah Joz, I'll let you know next time I'm heading down. I'm looking forward to shark bay and the waterpark re-opening, so I'll prolly go more in summer.
  2. Richard, that Rumor is only plausable for 7 inversion arrows
  3. Just wondering, as I got a seaworld season pass last week (Family all got one, so I went along, the Half price thing). Hadn't been in like 10 years (I'm 20 now, so I was 10 then, obviously not a theme park enthusiast). Firs tthing i noticed is how beautiful the park is. The gardens and shops etc, not to mention fairly good theming all the way through the park, I was very impressed. Look forward to the waterpark in summer, would almost be the best slides around now, with teh only speedslide and the awesome freefall (wet'n'wild have neither of these). The snorkling part of shark bay is gonn
  4. You have just contradicted yourself there, you have said that you have though about it, then managed to come up with that statement. Do you have any idea how many vekoma boomerangs are in the world? They are the most cloned coaster. From my point of view and I think the majority of enthusiasts would agree, Vekoma Boomerangs are unimaginative and just plain bad as far as what you are after from a coaster experience.
  5. I have never had a problem with moveworld staff, if anything they are friendlier the Dreamworld staff from my experience. Particularly the ride ops. Movieworld ride ops will talk to you about the rides and some that know a bit will talk to you about other coasters as well. I havn't had the same experience with Dreamworld's staff.
  6. I would also like to point out, that if we did get a lauched ride, that it probably wouldn't be a world beater. For example: If it was an intamin rocket, then it would probably be along the lines of Xcellerators height and speed, rather than dragster. Same if we got a TA2K, it would probably be of the smaller variety.
  7. The problem for me is that if its a launched coaster, then changes are it will be a short one or two trick pony. Dreamworld already have two of these and it would be hard to top them in height and speed. However a hyper ~ 200ft would be easily the best rollercoaster in this country and, in my opinion, really bring people back to the park just to experience it again. A nice paint job and some great theming would also make it easy to market.
  8. Yeah, I don't think they would get rid of Bermuda Triangle though, simply because it is such an expensive ride and in all fairness isn't too bad. However, something like Jorney to Atlantis elsewhere in the park would be good, they can probably get away with multiple water rides as it does fir in the "sea"world. How much room do they have?
  9. Personally I would rather see Villiage Roadshow build more rides at Movieworld and keep Seaworld heading in the direction of a Wildlife experience with family orientated attractions.
  10. Just pointing you that my first post in this thread was an advocation of the Intamin "Airtime Machine" Hypers - In particular S:ROS at SFNE (the SFA and SFDL version would also do me aswell, so would an expedition G-Force clone 8)
  11. *points to Lions back to back premierships* Sorry I have to do that 8) Not to mention the upcoming third in a row in 2003.
  12. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to go against popular opinion and speak my mind... Am I the only person who doesn't get all excited about a crappy kiddie coaster and a bunch of stupid kid rides and playgrounds that have no purpose other than to cause channel nine to play annyoing nick-central ads when I'm trying to watch the cricket? Personally, I'm still a bit let down about cyclone. Dreamworld made it out to be such a huge thing, yet anyone with any knowledge of the industry knew it was an old, basically tame, coaster. It should not even pass as a main attraction in my opinion. As for
  13. I've heard from a good source that the new show will be called "Matrix special effects show" and it will be housed in the old maverick building. Police Academy should stay also.
  14. Thanks for adding the Intamin option. I still think an Intamin hyper or plug-n-play woodie (although I can't see how they would theme a woodie to the Matrix ) would be pure airtime bliss. But yeah, if it is a looper, which for some reason I feel is more likely, then B&M are the bes in the business, as long as its not over-trimmed.
  15. Richard, you made the comment that a bloated effects budget could mean less spent on the coasters itself. However it coudl also be argued that many of the new compact B&M's seem to be getting rave reviews due to their intensity and fast pacing. Batman: The Dark Night and SFNE is a good example of a nice compact B&M. I'm still undecided as to which flavour of coaster (B&M in particular, they they do get the job) I would like to see. Some elements I do want however are: a camelback twist (a.k.a 0-G Roll) A dive loop (we already have an immalen on lethal weapon and dive loops just
  16. Where's the option for Intamin? From many accounts, Intamin Hypers are the best coasters around (mainly the superman coasters, Expedition G-Force, Goliath SFH and Millenium force) I want an intamin Hyper, then I'd probably vote for a B&M flooless.
  17. So, its like Calypso Beach on Speed?
  18. Well, I'm supposed to be working 3-6 on sunday, I could try and get out of that shift, who else is going so far?
  19. I guess so Ian, plus the fact it would be the only wooden coaster on the gold coast. I would think an out'n'back layout would look the most appealing from the road
  20. Well, only a report about Wild Mouse really. One of the most enjoyable coaster's I've been on, the wooden track and lack of trims give it a really out of control feel and the two camelbacks give a ****load of air. I think its funny watching the cars land back on the track after the first camelback, freaky stuff A must if you are ever at the sunny coast.
  21. If its from the spain collection as you put it, I doubt it would be the b:tr clone for obvious reasons (lw is too similar) that leaves a GIB an intamin woodie and an awesome looking B&M floorless Well, personally I'd take any of those, but I'd prefer a woodie or B&M floorless first.
  22. I agree, but I think 2003 would be better
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