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  1. thunder001

    WhiteWater World Slide Repaint

    Anyone know what the earth works are for in the old Thunderbolt area behind WWW. Thought that was just a car park for staff now, or have i missed something being announced?
  2. There were some pictures of survey marks near the viewing area for Green lantern. I had thought that they might move the entry for GL from the viewing platform to open an area of access through to the new hyper's station area. Just wondering if this "bridge" section may fit into there, or if it is for the propose bridge through to the top golf area.
  3. With regards to the potential bridge parts, has anyone noticed if there has been any works started where the marks were shown near the viewing platform for Green Lantern? Could this bridge be heading to this area perhaps?
  4. Got the same, was hoping for a bit more information though...maybe end of June?
  5. @Tim Dasco that's not a conduit through the footing, just a random piece of conduit over the top of one of the footing bolts, probably so the machine operators don't run over the bars again... One of @Glubbo's photos shows the conduit over the bars.
  6. Was this the footing that had the concrete removed? Think we might have found the reason for the repair.....
  7. Up to the engineers normally, the main thing we look for before we call them in is, 1) is the steel threaded rod exposed and 2) is the steel mesh exposed. If yes then we call the engineers in for a solution, which can be as simple as patching, right up to a new footing. Hard to say what they will do on this with so much steel work exposed.
  8. Beat me to But spot on with the explanation.
  9. Bottom of lift hill? Could we be getting an almost 90 degree drop on this coaster, going from the footing in the left of picture (assuming it is the last of the lift hill/first in drop) that does not leave a lot of area to get from 200Ft+ down to those two supports. I should say though this will be the first coaster of this size I have seen, so maybe someone who has ridden something of similar height overseas may be able to comment on this for me.
  10. Kids loved this, thanks. However I think i will stick to my laser measure we use for sports field poles....
  11. Did they have more track up or just supports @Skeeta? Heading down on the public holiday to WnW so might get some more pics then if much has changed.
  12. Are they working today, or sticking to the 3 day weekend like the rest of us?
  13. @MickeyD do the marks go all the way through to where the green lantern ride que comes through? Just wondering if they might make changes to the GL que to allow for the new coaster entry to be where the GL one currently starts?
  14. Think you might like the piece in the distance of this pic, it shows 106 (sort of), but also what looks like either 108 or 109?\
  15. Sorry @rummy but agree with @Skeeta on this one, would rather stay where the construction is for now (although if i find those pics will send via PM). So with 61 being the last piece installed heading into the turn around area, that would explain the large reinforced spine on some of the track parts starting from piece 66 through to piece 72, back to standard spine for parts 73 & 74 and then back to the large spine up to piece 78 and then I loose the parts through to part 81 which is back to the standard spine size. I was thinking originally that this section of track may have been a loop, however it is looking more likely it is the turnaround point similar to that on Flash as most suspected. Also I thought I could see the number "129" on the "brake run" track piece photo from earlier...does this match up with how long we thought the track was going to be for this ride?