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  1. Perhaps this is due to the large attendances experienced during the holiday period? Imagine what your park would feel like with our attendance figures!
  2. If I ever recieve bad service from a business I stop going there / using their services. If you find things so bad, why keep visiting? Slick seems to think that the original post by Richard is old news, but this is the way that things work in the business world. Fortunately for staff, the media coverage of Dreamworld's attendances and profitability came at the time park staff were voting on a proposed (new) enterprise agreement. The proposed agreement was rejected. Attendances are up now, profitability is looking good, and the share price is quite strong. At the same time, word around the wa
  3. I don't believe that the TOT reduced speed discussed in this thread had anything to do with economics of power comsumption. I have been told that the parks power bill is calculated on peak usage, not actual usage per day. If the TOT shoots, the Wipeout starts, and the Rapid ride pumps are running all at the same time, I think you'll get your peak power consumption. It is my understanding that the TOT has been operating under reduced launch power for reliability issues. Sure, up the power again, but then how many cycles would end up in the back of the tunnel? SLICK wouldn't have a clue what
  4. This method of promotion has been used many times before. So has shopper-dockets. There are about 40 different discount promotions on offer at present to varying associations and groups. Drive the gate, make money. It's not personal, it's business.
  5. By length of the station, can you be more specific? I would consider the "station" to be the parked position of the TOT car, or in other words, the length of the car. Therefore I would consider the section of track behind the station to begin at the back of the car, and end at, well, the end. Am I making sense. This is like a Government department... you must ask the exact question to receive the answer you wish to hear. I could ask Bob for answers to the other questions you ask, but why would I go and do that?
  6. Yes, previous posts could well have been posted as one, however I have some doubts over the attention span of some members, and posted 3 separate items to make for easier reading. Sometimes one has to do things differently to make a point. For those with greater capacity for reading, I apologise. In response to the TOT sound effects, I do believe that changes are at hand. I don't know when, or what, but planning and costing work is well underway. As for the common sense issues of park guests, I have often mumbled something along those lines of "please check your brain at the door", but hones
  7. Ride seats and restraints are cleaned EVERY day at Dreamworld. Starts at 5am. But it doesn't take long for the harnesses on TOT, Giant Drop, Cyclone, Claw, etc to get nasty. Have you not seen some operators wearing gloves? My biggest concern would be the dirty, filthy people who don't wash their hands after going to the toilet. Why is washing your hands so foreign to boys? (Don't go asking when I was in the boys toilets.)
  8. OBSTRUCTURE, the issue of loose belongings, and their removal/storage is huge! It is, in my humble opinion, THE biggest time waster during the loading of riders. Not to mention the more stubborn riders, who insist that they wear their glasses, or take their video camera with them. This would really get my box open, so I'll stop shortly. It boils down to design, and that wonderful interaction between people. "Hello, welcome aboard the Tower of Terror" (hurry up and sit down, get your belongings organised... why can't you put your hat, glasses and camera in the bag BEFORE you get to this poin
  9. THE CLAW - as many of you may have ridden this ride, I was wondering just how the staff working on it could increase capacity. Curently 3 staff are working there each day. Perhaps dreamworld could roster 32 staff, so that each seat has it's own staff member, who will gather your belongings from you (since you are to slow to put them away yourself and/or didn't listen to the announcements) seat you, fasten the belt, and check your harness. Then all 32 staff would have to move to an appropriate area prior to ride operation. Do you now understand the "law of diminishing return? Damn, that would
  10. I must say that I am enjoying the vigour on display in this thread... quite impressive. MORE STAFF - would it really be helpful? There is a point at which adding additional staff becomes inefficient. It's a race between efficiency, cost, and human behaviour. The "law of diminishing returns" definately applies in all situations I have observed where staffing numbers have been incresed. Do any of the learned persons in this forum really believe that if 20 staff worked on the Tower of Terror that things (the queue) would move faster? Of course not. The "pod" is launch capable 45 seconds after p
  11. Only because of the high-heels you wear.
  12. Will you meet the height restriction, Slick?
  13. Yes, staff of Dreamworld had the opportunity to ride THE CLAW tonight, and will have another opportunity tomorrow. Media and Trade launches will also be taking place over the next few days. It's great to see that this time the newest ride will be more than 60% complete on opening day (Cyclone). And what a fantastic, thrilling, and visually spectacular ride the CLAW is! See you all there soon.
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