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  1. I wish they brang back the Movie Studio tour, it shows the magic of film making and it was one of the best attractions in its time. It doesnt just have benefits for the public, but movieworld could run private tours in the studio with groups of 50 at a time, charging $10 a person and includes food and drinks. If not, movieworld can still attract a much higher amount of guests in the park
  2. Ps3 is great for people who NEED Good graphics and very good quality movies, but i would expect some lag, as it does not compete with the IBM trio-processor in the 360. Might i add, you need a HD-TV to see the benefits for the Blu-ray and High definition gaming in the PS3 If you are a real big gaming nerd, you would get a xbox 360 because it has the greatest games out there, and the graphics are alot better than the Wii and ps2 put together
  3. I know neither did I, and until i walked passed It i never knew that the Imax theatre was even at dreamworld.. If only they could play new-release movies such as The Bee in 3D and it would be free with a normal admission They can also make an advertisement on TV for the Imax theatre and advertise the latest film out each month
  4. I never knew you could actually hire out rides, What would the cost be>
  5. Xbox 360 is better because of the range of games, Non-laggy fast processors, a trio-core processor with 3.2ghz per processer with a 500mhz ati radeon custom graphics card. PS3 is worst because it has a little selection of games, it has a better graphics processor though. I predict Bluray wont make it and HDDVD will take over, so i hope that PS3 includes HDDVD Playback, not just bluray
  6. Oh i was wondering what it is, see paul i wasnt crazy
  7. I think that a dark ride would be the way to go, it has been 5 years since we have gotten a new dark-ride but we have gotten a new accelerator coaster jusr 2 years ago. Dark rides have the oppertunity to make the themeing more scarier and out of your seat, and add a environent. Yes i agree with Superman escape guy that the Return of the mummy is an example of a Extreemly well themed Dark ride, it has like backward drops, launching systems and the latest technology If not, wooden coaster would be awesome too, i dont care about themeing when its an intense coaster, because whats the point if the ride is in progress you woudnt be looking at the themeing
  8. There is already a thread about this Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster : Questions answered about everything Crap, superman gave very insightful posts about the scooby-doo coaster but he deleted most of his posts in "the respect of movieworld" !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I think there was a thread somewhere which already discussed seaworld's disavantages and advantages Is Seaworld really worth it?
  10. Im glad that this website is getting an overhaul with a nice layout and international news
  11. I think that we have established that i Do worry about those things, dunno must be common sense ;D And as for the slide at mach 5, i dont find it very safe makes me have nightmares (not literally)
  12. I agree, their themeing in ocean parade or whatever its called is very strange, it doesnt even resemble what its name is, and the other areas of the park are so weirdly themed, but the old mining themeplace is about the only place properly themed
  13. I dont think that movieworlds next ride is a roller-coaster They have the scooby-doo spooky coaster The lethal weapon Road runner rollercoaster and the superman escape Their next ride HAS to be another dark-ride or indoor ride if not, an attraction of somesort themed to a warner bros character or movie
  14. It is still unsafe, On the disco part some parts of the tracks are underneath each other and if objects fell out of a train when there are people underneath it could injur them, and also movieworld do not want to be reliable if your property fall out because there is a bigger risk of it falling out if your holding an object through turns and unexpected drops. The idea of no photography or video cameras is not that hard to follow, unless you have a huge night vision video camera with a torch on it, you wont beable to see the ride anyway
  15. its like a foreign person ive seen the other videos "Montanna russa" did and its from oversaes themeparks
  16. Awesome pictures!!!!! I would have to say that its exciting having a person that works in the maintenance team at movieworld IN ROLLERCOASTER FORUMS :o so many questions to ask but forgot i already made like 2 topics already about scooby-doo ........ Now for superman escape i shall ask here later
  17. LOL sorry but youve gotta admit that Churros point of view is true loved the Business card
  18. how dare you ash you stealer, burn is what my thing is on this forum now
  19. Do you think Ride derailment could ever happen in Australia? Such as the Looney tunes roller-coaster at movieworld, i think that would derail more than anything, it feels so unstable when your on it
  20. Im not a thrillseeker, and i find seaworld pretty boring if youve already been once. The rides shows and attractions are just repeated every day, and the animals like the polar bears are most of the time non-active. I went at 1 o'clock in the afternnon and got bored 2 hours later. BUT dont get angry at me for this opinion because it is good for first-timers
  21. Does anyone else think that they should play Spooky haunted house music throughought the Loading/unloading station with the current sound effects mixed together, it would make things a lot more spookier for first-time riders
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