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  1. I would imagine the 2009 maintenance roster wouldn't be created to around September/October this year if not later.
  2. They had shows when police academy was on so I hope they continue to have these newer ones, atleast the batman one because i thinks its a pretty good show. Maybe replace the older ones?
  3. The shadows of gotham I have seen bits of it and I enjoy it. When the park first opens we get a teaser to the show because there are ninjas running around and batman fights them in a short 2 min fight then they run away. For the actual show, I'm not actually sure what happens but I think Scarecrow (the villian, he has a scarecrow mask) steals something from wanye enterprises and the ninjas do some weird karate dance thing then a cop car comes and the ninjas run and hide and the cop calls batman and batman comes driving the batmobile (I must say it looks pretty sweet to see batman actually driving the car for once.) and they have like a fight scene thing and batman wins, they arrest scarecrow and put him in the police car (its one of the PA cars) then they drive down main street with the sirens going with batman in tow then drive past scooby spooky coaster to the gate in the western area that the parade floats come out of. I'm yet to see the western show but I know it happens in front of the massive wall that is painted to look like the footpath continues on, there are gun shots and they dance the can can.
  4. I fail to see how you could like that feeling... . In all seriousness I hate that feeling, I do it tho because I like the air time experience on superman. Love the feeling on getting thrown out of your seat but also its the kind that doesn't make you sick, which is great.
  5. Just saw a story on this on channel 7 news, the owner or ceo can't remember said that he hopes it will be like a "Wet 'n' Wild" park. Tho he hasn't seen the full plans.
  6. Hey, I'm going to dreamworld for the first time in quite a while on Thursday, the first time since I have started to actually ride rides. I want to kinda know what I'm in for intensity wise so knowing I have rode Superman and Batwing at MW how do this rides compare to the rides at Dreamworld. Like is the Tower of Terror launch more intense then Supermans? Giant drop much different to going downwards on Batwing etc. Also just a extra one, does claw make you feel sick? Just watching videos of it. It seems like a ride that makes you want to chuck up after riding it. Thanks for your help guys, still a bit iffy about riding the rides, don't ask me why I just get nervous .
  7. I don't have any news but I saw yesterday that they have a cable along both sides of main street that can produce a fog/mist. They were testing one of the sides yesterday when I was walking down main street. Never noticed it before.
  8. the walk through sets look the same in both the first and second adventure don't they?
  9. Just so everyone knows you have to be over the age of eighteen.
  10. It seems that they are trying new things to try and hide that last dip, when i went on it last then had a really weird laser that looked like a watery 3d cone. its very hard to describe it, but it looked pretty cool. It didn't help hide the dip tho....
  11. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but i stumbled across these pictures showing superman and some other photos in the dark ride section and what the helicopter imnPASS looked like behind the set. http://www.fxillusions.com.au/gallery.html
  12. I think the public were allowed in as well as its time was posted on the sign out front and I saw normal public attending. I dropped in on the end after I finished my shift. They made presentations to all the current cast saying how long they have been apart of the show, then they had a confetti gun spray thing like they do at the footy grand finals now. Something worth noting. On the final day the current cast walked in the street parade and were given around of applause as they walked past as a sign of respect by people that realised it was its last day.
  13. Yes its still closed. It seems to be the mine ride of Movieworld. As Spotty said the actual rocket part is not there any more and the ride doesn't seem to show any signs of getting back up.
  14. Was just looking around on www.myfun.com.au and i saw this article, looks like these will be the two shows that people will see while Hollywood stunt driver is preparing.
  15. 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30 are the times that they have been using over the last couple of weeks.
  16. Are you talking to me Alex? I have great respect for the ANZACs that died and let it be known that i have marched in my local ANZAC commeration ceremony for the last five years and that my great grandfather is an ANZAC. Its because of them I live in a free country an I am even able to ride a rollercoaster or Batwing and I understand that. I don't think the statement is as disrespectful as you make it out to be, but that fact you think I would purposely disrespect the ANZACs, one of them being in my own family deeply hurts me. I would like to think that my great grandfather would be happy that in a moment of immense joy, I took the time to thank him and the rest of the ANZACs for the opportunity to be able to experience that.
  17. I will be there for sure, but im pretty sure its going to be busy, both NSW and NZ are on school holidays at the moment and movieworld had been busy, today Scooby doo wait times got to 50mins.
  18. Running normal today from what I could see, Superman wasn't on the closed attraction list at the front of the park either.
  19. Everything is back to normal there now, just a shop refurbishment on the outside by the looks of it.
  20. who leaves staff newsletters on buses?
  21. I went last Wednesday also and when it was open, i was in line for about 40mins. 20min of that no one was allowed on because they were having technical difficulties. So we were told we could stay in line and hope for the best or go away to other attractions.
  22. I'm not up to riding leathal weapon any time soon and I have heard there's a pre-ride segment so I was wondering if any of you could tell me what happens in the pre-ride segment of the attraction. Also, in the line of WWF there is a room that just screams that it was used as a pre-ride segment, is my guess right or is it just a random room in the queue?
  23. Yes today was the busiest day Wet 'n' Wild has seen in while. I think there 3 evacuations all together, but they were not very long at all. I have noticed that the side you are talking about does seem to spin a lot less, sometimes not at all then the other side. I did see the water spray earlier in the day, wasn't watching it much in the afternoon so was that when the water wasn't spraying? I think it may be the chlorine in the water which makes a lot of the rides look faded. The tornado when the water isn't running is very faded, maybe this is happening to surfrider?
  24. From about 10:30 to 1:20 i just thought it wasn't taking photos till i saw the new ones come in.
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