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  1. ^ Thanks so much! Getting excited now! Definitely going to take my little cousin and brother there this summer when its open (as an excuse for me to go haha) I really do think this flume ride is going to make Aussie World so much more attractive. It's a solid family ride and one that can be enjoyed by EVERYONE as opposed to the crazy mouse, disqo, etc. It'll also be AW's first water ride and water ride's are essential for a theme park. Maybe in a few years they'll get a *major* ride. Doubtful but these new rides should definitely give it a big boost for the coming years.
  2. I'm struggling to grasp why you liked this ride so much. You walk into a dark room, some small tv comes on with some ultra bad graphics, more walking, more watching bad graphics, then more walking and watching bad graphics with non memorable story, then ride over. lol
  3. Oh I thought I read here that it was closed. Well that's good news, although that ride REALLY needs a revamp. Fun little fact about that ride: I went to Seaworld when I was 12 and my dad took me on this ride and our flume was accidentally released immediately after another flume and another flume was immediately released after our one. So we were sandwiched between two flumes and my dad started freaking out because he thought that something bad was going to happen going down the hill and he jumped out of the flume on the way up (where the stairs are) and he pulled me out too. We went back to the line and got told we had gotten the ride shut down and that there was a mechanism at the top of the hill to stop flumes. You cant really blame my dad though, it wouldnt have been the first accident on a flume ride.
  4. Vote Im QUITE interested to see the results!!! I went with Movie World. Been there the most and its the most world class theme park in Australia by far. Ranks with the best (only issue with it is that it needs a few more major rides so it can become a full day outing instead of a few hours). My ranking: 1. Movie World 2. Wet N Wild 3. Dreamworld 4. Sea World (used to be higher until they got rid of Bermuda Triangle, Flume & Pirate ship) 5. White Water World
  5. Sorry but I think you're too much of a coaster geek to really appreciate how amazing the Scooby coaster really is. Everyone I know (kids, teens, adults) love it and ride it over and over again. Scooby Coaster beats them big flashy coasters anyday. Just imo...
  6. I really do think both are equally as important as each other. Good theme-ing is what separates the big league parks from the small league ones like Aussie World and Adventure Park. When you're a little kid its the EXPERIENCE of the theme park that you remember not how fast a ride was or how technologically advanced it was. I think this also carries on when you get older, you want to re-live that experience.
  7. I'm still slightly miffed that DW stole Aussie World's bit of shine and installed a DisqO right after AW unveiled theirs. I mean they're a small time park, c'mon DW give them a break! Anyways... The two new rides don't interest me at all and I'm glad I bought the VRTP annual pass instead of DW's since I'll get to go on Green Lantern
  8. I think I'm more representative of the general population when I say I don't know what a B&M rollercoaster is and nor do I really care lol. This El Loco one is going to be an Aussie first and it looks freaking amazing and thats all that matters. Cannot waittttt
  9. Not fussed. When on this for the 2nd time (1st since the opening of Batman 2) last month with my mom and brother and we all found it boring.
  10. I'm really excited for this! It's not every day the Sunny Coast gets a major million dollar ride Please post updates here - pics are good!
  11. Good to see Aussie World expanding I've been there quite a few times over the years with my little brother and we've always enjoyed it. This and the redback will only add to the experience.
  12. ^ Thanks. Went past it on Sunday, at the moment it looks like a giant version of Aussie World's Redback ride.
  13. Sunny Coast residents do NOT want a major theme park. The reason people move to the sunny coast is because its the ANTI Gold Coast. With that in mind, it will not get past council. Trust me. A moderate sized water park could maybe work though.
  14. I went to Movie World yesterday for the first time since 2002 and I was absolutely floored that my fave ride (Wild West Falls) was closed for "maintenance". From after the dodgem cars area, the place was desolate and it really brought down the vibe of the entire park (for me anyways). With that closed and the river ride closed, that only left Scooby Doo, Lethal Weapon, Superman, the spaceshot and Roadrunner as decent rides. We'd done everything (including the shows) within about 3 and a half hours - that includes lunch. And we weren't even rushing. Movie World desperately needs new attractions if it's going to bring back locals every few years, because right now it's a once in a decade type of destination.
  15. Ahhh thats it! I wonder why they closed that down. I remember it being pretty fun.
  16. Seaworld: I was 3 and my mum/dad took me. The only thing I remember (probably because I seen photos of it) was being about scared SHITLESS over the Seaworld Pirates (with those big green masks). There is a photo of me, my mum and my dad up the front with one of the pirates posing for a photo and I'm crying hysterically. LOL Dreamworld: Must of been about 5 (so 1993). I remember the small kiddy plane ride, the snow mountain (not going on the ride, but I just remember what it looked like hehe). The paddle steamer, the cars, the lolly shop. Movie World: I was about 9 (so 1997) when I went here the first time and got my photo taken with the Lethal Weapon cast so that my face was in the middle - lmao I still have that somewhere. I remember going on the Lethal Weapon by myself because my gran obviously wasnt going to go on it. I didnt get to Wet & Wild until 2002 and that was because I won tickets in the Sunday Mail. Does anyone remember a rollercoaster in the Brisbane city (somewhere in a shopping plaza)? I keep thinking its a figment of my imagination but I'm sure there used to be one...
  17. I hope they dont replace. I like the old normal slides (hello nostalgia) and I'm pissed they closed Terror Canyon. It seems like theyre slowly getting rid of the old "boring" slides for all the new types, which frankly I dont like. They need to put in more traditional slides imo.
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