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  1. Just hazarding a guess but i'd say all parks have been experiencing a lull in business. The general public don't differentiate between Ardent and VRTP branding as much as we think they might. I think the locals need some more time to heal. Then they will be back onside, at least with movie world, sea world and WNW. Dreamworld itself is going to face a much steeper uphill battle.
  2. No actually they didn't seperate at the lift hill they were still almost on top of each other. That's what dad decided to abandon the ride. We were told that the boats get stopped at the top of the drop.
  3. Pretty much lol, and dad already HATED going on rides and i do believe this was the last ride he ever went on.
  4. So ive never told this story here but when my mum and dad took myself and my little bro to Seaworld/Nara Resort for 3 days back in 2001. While mum waited with my little bro in the pram, dad took me on the Vikings Revenge Flume. At the loading dock, something happened which caused the boat dad and i were in to immediately dispatch right after the boat in front and then an empty boat behind us immediately dispatched as well so the three boats were hitting each other through the channels. Dad started freaking out as the boats got to the conveyor hill as he thought something bad might happen on the way down (capsize, crash, i dunno what) so he jumped off the side on the way up and i remember being totally distressed while he tried to help me off. I think we just waited there for a while because we didnt know what to do/where to go and then they shut down the ride and one of the ride attendants came running up to us and was really angry because we had apparently made them shut down the ride and when dad tried to explain that he was worried about what would happen going downhill, the attendant told us that there was a safety mechanism at the top of the hill that stopped the boats and only let one down at a time. So that was my experience on the Vikings Revenge, lol.
  5. I will also never visit DW again out of respect for the victims. I've spoken of this to my family and they also feel the same way
  6. Thank God! The last thing the park needs is to be hosting nightmare/horror events considering what just happened.
  7. The good old tomorrow's harvest ride I was searching in google for Big Pineapple related things and this thread popped up. I rode this a couple of times in the mid 90s.
  8. POP

    Planet Coaster

    Ohhh yaaaas kween, i WILL be downloading this
  9. Aint nothin wrong wit being sassy boo boo Get on the shade train, toot toot
  10. The thing is i'm not actually trolling. Y'all are just sensitive cry babies.
  11. No, the park will be evacuated when i arrive. I'm basically Beyonce. All bow before me.
  12. Who wants to meet up? My first time in quite a while!
  13. You should try your chances and ride it again.
  14. I'd like the Eureka ride re-designed and re-opened. And Buzzsaw The Sequel. Tear down the existing ride and add the model with 2 loops.
  15. I'm at Aussie World today and spoken to an inside source who says that there will be a "major new ride in 2017" and the "biggest ride for Aussie World yet". Excitng! Any predictions?
  16. I don't want to read through 33 pages, would you mind telling me what it is then? Thanks.
  17. Dream world will close down, i'm sorry to say. I've had a successful premonition in the past. When i was 6 i dreamt of a terrorist attack attacking twin buildings in a big city.
  18. Such rubbish you write, one wonders how you can be a "community leader". Scooby Doo is obviously the best themed dark ride in Australia.
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