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  1. It's so weird how they've done absolutely no promo for anything other than the 2 studio mazes.. Not even a photo or anything for the other 2 mazes and is there even any shows this year? It would be pretty crap if there was so big show in the stunt driver area like every other year. The shows always balance out the crowd throughout the park. And I couldn't even think myself of what kind of show they could produce this year seeing as there's no theme... They've always used motorbikes to pump up the crowds but seeing as with hollywood stunt driver 2 now showcasing motorbikes every day i don't thi
  2. No Club Blood this year? wait was there a club blood last year?
  3. FULL walkthrough of Wolk Creek maze Not that scary IMO, pretty quiet.. but this was media night so i cant really judge until I experience it myself
  4. Another (unlikely) possibility could be in Intencity area, because in 2009 there was a clown maze in there... Has anyone looked in their lately?
  5. Media Night is underway! Pictures from Instagram Videos of the lighting and mazes outside the studios http://iconosquare.com/p/816467032309955613_191287494#/detail/816467032309955613_191287494 http://iconosquare.com/p/816480172662314438_207103060#/detail/816480172662314438_207103060
  6. Signage has been added to the entrance today similar to Carnivale. Wonder if they decided to scrap the castle theme they've been using since 2010.. Sign is great for promo IMO It looks like the Clown maze will be in a tent next to the WWF like they did with the Saw Maze in 2010? Another possibility could be that they split one of the studio mazes in half to fit 2.
  7. Seeing as the chances of an Australian terrorist attack have been raised to "High" by Abbott i have been wondering whether theme parks, seeing as they are big public places would ever be hit by a terrorist attack.. Its a very scary topic. Could it be possible? Thoughts?
  8. 6 long rectangular projector screens have been hung on the roof at the top of Main Street around the big screen ( 2 on each side of the screen and 2 in front of the screen)
  9. prayer circle that say announce AHS as the next maze
  10. Am I the only one noticing the new RIO 4D movie in the roxy theatre in that Mini Driving School promo photo?
  11. I doubt that! Here's a Jack the Ripper themed maze from Knott's Scary Farm back in 2012 which involved quite a lot of different scares. I bet the maze locations will be Cannibal Clows - Scooby, Jack the Ripper - Show Stage & Evil Within + Final maze in the studios. I would hate to see the walking dead return, they would be dumb to bring that back!
  12. Dreamworld needs to chill with spinning rides, like who honestly enjoys spinning rides? They aren't fun. Last time i went to dreamworld i left after an hour because Pandamonium made my friend very sick and ruined the entire day.
  13. They already ruined the whole Looney Tunes theme when they changed it from "Looney Tunes Village" to "WB Fun Zone"
  14. Agreed! Such a popular tv show like TWD, it would be amazing!
  15. Its confusing to explain, the carts arent in china town but right next to the entrance.. but all i was saying was when they wheel them out to main street they go under the China town entrance and out the door to public, i thought if China town was open the carts could endanger customers walking through the entrance but then i realised it doesnt make a difference because the carts are wheeled through main street anyway so...... Theres also a staff break area under the China Town Entrance now
  16. Harry Potter shop will be turning into a "Girl Pop Culture store" and the China Town alley is a staff area now, i couldnt imagine it as anything else
  17. @brad referring back to Saturday night, the car park wasn't full at all.. I left around 8 and there were several spots vacant without about 2 cars on the grass.. The carpark was very packed on the day to about 5:30pm though. In my opinion, I found carnivale boring and a massive flop.. Not much to do and I couldn't last the night to stay there for the 9pm parade (left at 7:30). You can tell it was a flop because of the amount of times they've emailed staff from MW, SW & WNW 4 free tickets :/
  18. Was barely even packed tonight yet it was "sold out".. guess people booked but didnt bother to show up?
  19. There were nights set for tomorrow, this wednesday and thursday night but they got cancelled
  20. Urr no, all those metal frames behind china town were being used to make the carnivale food stalls..
  21. It's a Maddi grass carnivale themed to Rio
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