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  1. How about an Intamin 8-inversion coaster? (there's a new version, but they have only built 10-inversion models so far, the 8-inversion is the same only with a 540 degree helix instead of the last two rolls. This takes away from the repetivness of the rolls and also takes away 30 meters from the footprint). The new version in China got a pretty rave review from an experienced rider and also featuring just lap bars. http://rcdb.com/11055.htm Just an example of what could be done, here's a quick overview I made: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/download/file.php?mode=view&id=640999&sid=584a2468d37e906f9d4b0b763f797799
  2. The CEO of Djurs Sommerland was in Australia to ride both the motocoasters from Intamin, and he preferred the jetski one by far. I also found out that Intamin strongly recommends two launch for that type of ride, so in the case of MDMC it was probably a budget question. Also adding another launch to the ride wouldn't really be that easy, as you want the two launch parallel to each other, in order to share the hydraulics system. All the Intamin's with tire launches do have a few meter of dead straight track just after the launch/launches in case of miss calculating the ride, so they can easy add a few extra wheels. Not sure how much extra track this ride have, but if they wanted they could always maximize the launch with wheels, to booster the speed up a bit more, it would be fairly cheap as well. But after what I have read about the park on this board, I doubt they would care. On a note of Juvelen, it sure is a world class coaster, and the biggest surprise I ever had coaster wise. It's just so darn fun!
  3. _koppen

    Jamberoo Trip Report

    That spider will look awesome once done! Does anyone know when the next step in the expansion is coming?
  4. That is awesome news! Sure they have the advantage of being newly open this year, but still. If I remember correctly then Whitewater World also did a much larger than anticipated profit when it first opened, or am I misstaken?
  5. _koppen

    Wettest water ride you've been on?

    Atlantica Supersplash. It was a really hot day, so the ride was completely un-braked that day, so we all got drenched.
  6. _koppen

    Cheetah Hunt Stuck

    I don't really see any other points it could get stuck on except the first turn, from there it looks to be having regular coaster pacing straight through, with the regular high points after the launches in order to catch a miss-launch and avoid a stalling. The ride wasn't stalled, it was stuck, so they could't move it. It was really stormy weather, som one possible explanation could be that a plastic bag or something similar had blew up on the track and got stuck in the wheel assembly. It could really be anything like that, and the park will most likely not release any info about it.
  7. That sounds awesome! Thank you for the kid's area photos earlier, and thank you for doing the web episodes. I commented one of them, I don't know if you remember me. I'm really looking forward to the rest of your photos! (feel no stress though). I also uploaded your photos to TPR (with all the credit to you) http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=63557&p=1385588#p1385588
  8. Will you be inside the park? If so I would like to put in a photo request. Can you take photos of the Mat racer slide? Not just from the front, but also some detailed pictures from different angels, and on the supports and from beneath. And also some cool photos of the children area and slide? Only if you have time though, feel no obligation!
  9. Not counting Intamin, Larson and Fabbri are the best, without doubt.
  10. I really love the look of this ride. I have ridden the Intamin Spinning Star in Malaysia, and it was a really fun ride. They could probably even add some speed to it if they wanted as well. It would be cool if they built it as heigh as proposed, but I still feel they should build it even if they can't make it that tall. Regular star flyer height of 70-80 meters would be dope as well.
  11. _koppen

    Super 8 Aqua Racer

    If it ain't broke don't fix it! They should of course keep the slide and the mats in good conditions, but otherwise I see no reason to change it out. They could however invest in a Kraken racer somewhere else in the park, the rides are very different, and there is certainly place for both rides in the same park. Is there a demand for it though? I can't say, never been to the park.
  12. I think adding a water break to the one in Denmark would have been in effective, the problem was not over speeding before the drop, the problem was that the drop go to steep to early in the helix, making the raft accelerate faster than desired and go to high up on the wall. They did try to add an "edge" or a small wall (I'm not sure how to explain it) in the drop preventing the rafts to go to high up, but this only proved effective when the rafts was not fully loaded, which is why they only allowed two persons in the raft before the rebuild. The few photos I have seen from the drop on the one in Sydney appears that the descent doesn't start as soon in the helix as the one in Denmark, it also dosen't get to steep before the last 90 degrees of the helix. They could probably have done this to the one in Denmark as well, but I think that would have been a bigger rebuild than what they did now, since they would of have to change the in run to fit the new angles. They took the easy fix. Lalandia probably wanted a guaranteed solution as well. It's a shame really, as the drop was insane before the rebuild, as long as you were two. Easily the best Tornado I've ridden. Well the Tornado wave is a different ride, I think the main reason they don't over flip is because at the bottom of the drop the tube expands and become wider, as well as more flat bottomed. The over flipping in the one in Denmark happened at the bottom of the drop, just before entering the Tornado. And no, I don't think Proslide intended to build a ride that hospitalized people either, it just didn't turn out the way they excepted, and now they have fixed it.
  13. Hopefully the drop on the Tornado works, and Proslide have learnt it's lesson of building it to agressive. The Tornado in Lalandia Denmark, which opened in 2012, was the first Tornado to have a downward helix drop into the funnel. The only problem was that the really heavy rafts overflipped during the downward helix down into the slide, resulting in quaite a lot of people going to the hospital. The park had to set a limit of max 2 persons per raft, and then Proslide rebuilt it. This the original slide: And this is after the rebuild. It's a shame really, as the ride before was one of the most awesome water slide I've ever been on.
  14. Here's a flyover! I still find it strange how they can build what theyself claim to be the biggest water park in the world, and not have a play structure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh7xfv7T4T4
  15. Unfortunately it looks like they might have settled for a regular air driven pool. I had not seen these two pictures before, and here it looks like regular pneumatic machines, and the walls looks to not be nearly as tall as what a hydraulic surf pool require. Compared to a real surf pool It's a shame since hydraulic surf pools are among the most fun you can have at a water park. This pool will probably still be surfable, but nowhere near as good as a real surf pool. It's really weird since they claim a 3 meter wave.